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Reverse geometry node

Reverses or cycles the vertex order of faces.

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The Reverse Operation allows you to reverse or cycle the vertex order for all faces.

This node duplicates functionality from the Face/Hull tab of the Primitive node.

Using Reverse

  1. Select the faces or hulls to reverse and press Enter to confirm your selection.

  2. Click the Reverse tool on the Model tab.

You can choose the vertex in the Vertex drop-down menu in the parameter editor.


Source Group

Primitive and/or profile group to operate on.



Reverses U for faces, U & V for hulls

Reverse U/V

Reverses U or V.


Interchanges U, V. Preserves topology.


Cycles vertices by U/V Offset.

U Offset

Amount to cycle vertices in U direction.

V Offset

Amount to cycle vertices in V direction.

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