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Cloud Shape from Polygon geometry node

Fills a polygonal mesh with adaptively-sized primitive spheres used to model cumulus cloud-like shapes.

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Since 20.0


This node is useful for cloud modeling to produce the initial spherical cloud mesh for cumulus clouds.

The cloud shape is a set of primitive spheres with pscale point attribute attached to them, which easily lets you convert the cloud shape into a density fog volume using the VDB From Particles node.

As a next step, use the Cloud Billowy Noise alongside the Cloud Wispy Noise to further develop the finer volumetric details of the cloud.




The subset of the input points or primitives to use for generating the cloud shapes.

Cloud Shapes


Packing Density

Controls the amount of primitive spheres to generate. Higher values will generate increasingly smaller spheres to more closely match the shape of the original input geometry.

Iso Value

The crossing point of the VDB values that is considered the surface. Increasing this value will fit more spheres into the original input geometry.

Particle Scale

Uniformly scales the size of each generated primitive sphere.

Particle Scale Limit

When this checkbox is turned on, removes any primitive spheres that has a radius smaller than this value.



Copy Normals

Copy the normal attribute to each cloud shape point from the original input geometry.

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