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I don't know if here is the best place to put this, but I want to share my approach of a tool for measure distance length and angle degrees.

I hope you like it!

Looks nice! You planning on sharing this?
Thanks alexsomma!

Yes, in fact I was uploaded it in Orbolt.
I forgot share the link here, sorry. []
Very good I was looking for a tool like this for a long time!
Thanks ;-)
Does each person know how to interrupt the tiles alignment row through row ? It might be first-rate helpful thank you!
Thomasecoello I don't sure understand your question in relation with ruler tool.

Can you put an example?

Pop open it’s Operator Type Properties Window.

Here it is - that little default Tool that allows your HDA to be created from the Tab menu - right there in every HDA you make…

Everything that controls it is under the Interactive tab/ Shelf Tools tab.

Slide 1 shows the actual name of the Tool, the Label - as it will appear- and the Icon it will use.

Slide 2 shows the script that is ran when the Tool is activates. Notice:

It calls a method supplied with Houdini - soptoolutils.genericTool

A set of Keyword Arguments are passed to that method via kwargs. This is supplied by default - it is not created from within the HDA.

The availability of variable $HDA_NAME, which expands to give the HDA Node Type’s name where the Tool is defined. [] []
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