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Full Version: will there be a live stream for H17 Launch Event
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will there be a live stream for H17 Launch Event
and congratulations all the tickets went in less then 24 hours
Just show you so much Love for Houdini

of topic i know but can you please sell some Houdini T-shirts some were I proud user I want show people i am one !!!
I'm not aware of a source for Houdini T-shirts.

But I do know there are online T-shirt ‘suppliers’ that can make you a single T-shirt with your Houdini Design that was made in Photoshop Houdini

I made a T-shirt design a while back for a friend and it wasn't expensive for only being a one-up.
thank you so much jsmack for T-Shirt link

would be nice if the SIDE FX team said yes or no for “will there be a live stream”
Its sad to miss the heat of the Houdini 17 Launch Event. How expensive it is to set up a live stream event now a days….?
Any way for the rest of the “participation-challenged-folks” around the globe the Launch event is “LIVE-FOR-EVER”!?!!! at Vimeo-GoProcedural may be on October 3rd…4th…5th depending upon when the SideFX-Vimeo-Loader guy wakes up from the pub@LaunchEvent :-)
Eagerly waiting@Vimeo-GoProcedural
The Launch Event will NOT be live*, it will be recorder and posted on Wednesday Oct 3.

* the Houdini 16 launch event was live and we had lots of issues with streaming from the venue - so this time we're not taking any chances.
H17 Launch Presentation []
Btw I didn't hear about “Project Solaris”(?), Cristin mentioned at the end of the presentation. (1:23:00)
Optix Denoiser is the foreshadowing of it… a new architecture…

Skynet Engine in Houdini, kinda Fabric Engine on steroids?

Please share some additional info
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