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Full Version: not much understanding ropgeometry and partition
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Hi, I use “partition by range” to partition 20 wedge to 5,when I save the wedged geometry, it left only 5 geometry. how can I get all 20 wedge result?
the main things I want is: when the Top runs all the 20 task at the same time, may use to much memory, so I want them only run 5 tasks once. just like what “slots per work item” do.
thank you!
A partitioner node won't have any impact on the scheduling of work items. Partitions are used to wait for multiple upstream work items to complete, and/or to merge attributes from those work items. A partition is like any other work, except it has multiple upstream dependencies and merged attributes. Other PDG nodes will generate from a partition just like they would from a regular work item.

To limit the number of tasks that run, you should be using the scheduler options. They can be set globally on the scheduler or a per-node basis by adding scheduler properties onto that node as spare parms: []
thank you,your explain are clear!
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