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DOP_Table.h File Reference
#include "DOP_API.h"
#include <OP/OP_Operator.h>
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DOP_API void DOP_createAutomaticOperator (OP_OperatorTable &table, const SIM_DopDescription &dopdescription, const UT_StringArray &solvertypes, const UT_StringArray &reltypes, SIM_Engine &engine, OP_Constructor constructor=0, const char *child_table_name=0)

Function Documentation

DOP_API void DOP_createAutomaticOperator ( OP_OperatorTable table,
const SIM_DopDescription dopdescription,
const UT_StringArray solvertypes,
const UT_StringArray reltypes,
SIM_Engine engine,
OP_Constructor  constructor = 0,
const char *  child_table_name = 0