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hash.h File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <cstdint>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <cstring>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include <OpenImageIO/span.h>
#include <OpenImageIO/export.h>
#include <OpenImageIO/fmath.h>
#include <OpenImageIO/oiioversion.h>
#include <OpenImageIO/string_view.h>
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class  SHA1
struct  SHA1::Hash
 Type for storing the raw bits of the hash. More...




typedef std::pair< uint64_t,
uint64_t > 


uint64_t fasthash::fasthash64 (const void *buf, size_t len, uint64_t seed)
uint64_t fasthash::fasthash64 (const std::initializer_list< uint64_t > buf)
unsigned int OIIO_API xxhash::XXH32 (const void *input, size_t length, unsigned seed=1771)
unsigned long long OIIO_API xxhash::XXH64 (const void *input, size_t length, unsigned long long seed=1771)
size_t xxhash::xxhash (const void *input, size_t length, size_t seed=1771)
template<typename Str >
size_t xxhash::xxhash (const Str &s, size_t seed=1771)
OIIO_HOSTDEVICE void bjhash::bjmix (uint32_t &a, uint32_t &b, uint32_t &c)
OIIO_HOSTDEVICE uint32_t bjhash::bjfinal (uint32_t a, uint32_t b, uint32_t c=0xdeadbeef)
uint64_t bjhash::bjfinal64 (uint64_t h0, uint64_t h1, uint64_t h2, uint64_t h3)
uint32_t OIIO_API bjhash::hashlittle (const void *key, size_t length, uint32_t seed=1771)
uint32_t OIIO_API bjhash::hashword (const uint32_t *key, size_t nwords, uint32_t seed=1771)
size_t bjhash::strhash (const char *s)
size_t bjhash::strhash (string_view s)
uint32_t murmur::fmix (uint32_t h)
uint64_t murmur::fmix (uint64_t k)
uint64_t farmhash::Uint128Low64 (const uint128_t x)
uint64_t farmhash::Uint128High64 (const uint128_t x)
uint128_t farmhash::Uint128 (uint64_t lo, uint64_t hi)
size_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash (const char *s, size_t len)
uint32_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash32 (const char *s, size_t len)
uint32_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash32WithSeed (const char *s, size_t len, uint32_t seed)
uint64_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash64 (const char *s, size_t len)
uint64_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash64WithSeed (const char *s, size_t len, uint64_t seed)
uint64_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash64WithSeeds (const char *s, size_t len, uint64_t seed0, uint64_t seed1)
uint128_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash128 (const char *s, size_t len)
uint128_t OIIO_API farmhash::Hash128WithSeed (const char *s, size_t len, uint128_t seed)
uint64_t farmhash::Hash128to64 (uint128_t x)
uint32_t OIIO_API farmhash::Fingerprint32 (const char *s, size_t len)
uint64_t OIIO_API farmhash::Fingerprint64 (const char *s, size_t len)
uint128_t OIIO_API farmhash::Fingerprint128 (const char *s, size_t len)
uint64_t farmhash::Fingerprint (uint128_t x)
uint64_t farmhash::Fingerprint (uint64_t x)
template<typename Str >
size_t farmhash::Hash (const Str &s)
template<typename Str >
uint32_t farmhash::Hash32 (const Str &s)
template<typename Str >
uint32_t farmhash::Hash32WithSeed (const Str &s, uint32_t seed)
template<typename Str >
uint64_t farmhash::Hash64 (const Str &s)
template<typename Str >
uint64_t farmhash::Hash64WithSeed (const Str &s, uint64_t seed)
template<typename Str >
uint64_t farmhash::Hash64WithSeeds (const Str &s, uint64_t seed0, uint64_t seed1)
template<typename Str >
uint128_t farmhash::Hash128 (const Str &s)
template<typename Str >
uint128_t farmhash::Hash128WithSeed (const Str &s, uint128_t seed)
template<typename Str >
uint32_t farmhash::Fingerprint32 (const Str &s)
template<typename Str >
uint64_t farmhash::Fingerprint64 (const Str &s)
template<typename Str >
uint128_t farmhash::Fingerprint128 (const Str &s)

Detailed Description

Wrapper so that hash_map and hash_set mean what we want regardless of the compiler.

Definition in file hash.h.