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RV_VKEnum.h File Reference
#include "RV_API.h"
#include <RE/RE_Types.h>
#include <RE/RE_TextureTypes.h>
#include "RV_VK.h"
#include "RV_Type.h"
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RV_API bool RVisDepthFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API bool RVisStencilFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API bool RVisColorFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API VkImageViewType RVgetImageViewType (VkImageType type, bool is_array, bool is_cube)
RV_API VkFormat RVgetNormalizedFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API bool RVhasNormalizedFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API bool RVisNormalizedFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API bool RVisIntFormat (VkFormat format)
RV_API VkFormat RVconvertToVkFormat (RV_GPUType type, uint32_t vec_size, bool normalized=false)
RV_API VkFormat RVconvertToDepthVkFormat (RV_GPUType type, bool stencil)
RV_API void RVconvertFromVkFormat (VkFormat format, RV_GPUType &out_type, int &out_vec_size, bool primary_aspect=true)
RV_API bool RVisBufferDescriptor (VkDescriptorType t)
RV_API bool RVisImageDescriptor (VkDescriptorType t)
RV_API bool RVisTexBufDescriptor (VkDescriptorType t)
RV_API VkSampleCountFlagBits RVsampleCount (int samples)
RV_API RV_ImageDim RVConvertFromImageViewType (VkImageViewType t)
RV_API VkSamplerAddressMode RVConvertToVKWrap (RV_TextureWrap t)
RV_API VkFilter RVConvertToVkFilter (RV_TextureFilter t)
RV_API VkSamplerMipmapMode RVConvertToVkMipMode (RV_TextureMipMode t)
RV_API VkBorderColor RVConvertToVkBorder (UT_Vector4F t)
RV_API VkBorderColor RVConvertToVkBorder (RE_TextureBorder t)
RV_API VkAccessFlags RVaccessFromImageUsage (VkImageUsageFlags usage)
RV_API VkAccessFlags RVaccessFromBufferUsage (VkBufferUsageFlags usage)
RV_API bool RVsAccessReadOnly (VkAccessFlags access)
RV_API VkPipelineBindPoint RVconvertToVkBindPoint (RV_ShaderType type)
RV_API RV_ShaderType RVgetShaderType (VkShaderStageFlagBits stage)
RV_API VkPipelineStageFlags RVpipelineStageFromAccess (VkAccessFlags access_type, VkPipelineStageFlags shader_stages)
RV_API VkCompareOp RVconvertToVkCompareOp (RE_ZFunction func, bool reverse_z)
RV_API VkCompareOp RVconvertToVkCompareOp (RE_SFunction func)
RV_API VkStencilOp RVconvertToVKStencilOp (RE_SOperation op)
RV_API VkBlendFactor RVconvertToVkBlendFactor (RE_BlendSourceFactor fact)
RV_API VkBlendFactor RVconvertToVkBlendFactor (RE_BlendDestFactor fact)
RV_API VkBlendOp RVconvertToVkBlendOp (RE_BlendEquation op)

Function Documentation

RV_API VkAccessFlags RVaccessFromBufferUsage ( VkBufferUsageFlags  usage)
RV_API VkAccessFlags RVaccessFromImageUsage ( VkImageUsageFlags  usage)
RV_API RV_ImageDim RVConvertFromImageViewType ( VkImageViewType  t)
RV_API void RVconvertFromVkFormat ( VkFormat  format,
RV_GPUType out_type,
int out_vec_size,
bool  primary_aspect = true 
RV_API VkFormat RVconvertToDepthVkFormat ( RV_GPUType  type,
bool  stencil 
RV_API VkPipelineBindPoint RVconvertToVkBindPoint ( RV_ShaderType  type)
RV_API VkBlendFactor RVconvertToVkBlendFactor ( RE_BlendSourceFactor  fact)
RV_API VkBlendFactor RVconvertToVkBlendFactor ( RE_BlendDestFactor  fact)
RV_API VkBlendOp RVconvertToVkBlendOp ( RE_BlendEquation  op)
RV_API VkBorderColor RVConvertToVkBorder ( UT_Vector4F  t)
RV_API VkBorderColor RVConvertToVkBorder ( RE_TextureBorder  t)
RV_API VkCompareOp RVconvertToVkCompareOp ( RE_ZFunction  func,
bool  reverse_z 
RV_API VkCompareOp RVconvertToVkCompareOp ( RE_SFunction  func)
RV_API VkFilter RVConvertToVkFilter ( RV_TextureFilter  t)
RV_API VkFormat RVconvertToVkFormat ( RV_GPUType  type,
uint32_t  vec_size,
bool  normalized = false 
RV_API VkSamplerMipmapMode RVConvertToVkMipMode ( RV_TextureMipMode  t)
RV_API VkStencilOp RVconvertToVKStencilOp ( RE_SOperation  op)
RV_API VkSamplerAddressMode RVConvertToVKWrap ( RV_TextureWrap  t)
RV_API VkImageViewType RVgetImageViewType ( VkImageType  type,
bool  is_array,
bool  is_cube 
RV_API VkFormat RVgetNormalizedFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API RV_ShaderType RVgetShaderType ( VkShaderStageFlagBits  stage)
RV_API bool RVhasNormalizedFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API bool RVisBufferDescriptor ( VkDescriptorType  t)
RV_API bool RVisColorFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API bool RVisDepthFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API bool RVisImageDescriptor ( VkDescriptorType  t)
RV_API bool RVisIntFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API bool RVisNormalizedFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API bool RVisStencilFormat ( VkFormat  format)
RV_API bool RVisTexBufDescriptor ( VkDescriptorType  t)
RV_API VkPipelineStageFlags RVpipelineStageFromAccess ( VkAccessFlags  access_type,
VkPipelineStageFlags  shader_stages 
RV_API bool RVsAccessReadOnly ( VkAccessFlags  access)
RV_API VkSampleCountFlagBits RVsampleCount ( int  samples)