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XUSD_FindPrimsTask.h File Reference
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class  XUSD_FindPrimsTaskData
class  XUSD_FindPrimPathsTaskData
class  XUSD_FindUsdPrimsTaskData


HUSD_API void XUSDfindPrims (const UsdPrim &prim, XUSD_FindPrimsTaskData &data, const Usd_PrimFlagsPredicate &predicate, const UT_PathPattern *pattern, const XUSD_SimpleAutoCollection *autocollection)

Function Documentation

HUSD_API void XUSDfindPrims ( const UsdPrim prim,
XUSD_FindPrimsTaskData data,
const Usd_PrimFlagsPredicate predicate,
const UT_PathPattern pattern,
const XUSD_SimpleAutoCollection autocollection