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BRAY::SpacePtr Class Reference

#include <BRAY_Interface.h>

Public Member Functions

 SpacePtr ()
 SpacePtr (const VPRM_SpacePtr &s)
 SpacePtr (const SpacePtr &s)
 SpacePtr (const UT_Matrix4D &xforms)
 SpacePtr (const UT_Matrix4D *xforms, size_t num_motion_segments)
 ~SpacePtr ()
SpacePtroperator= (const SpacePtr &s)
SYS_SAFE_BOOL operator bool () const
SpacePtr mulSpace (const SpacePtr &sp) const
 Multiply by the given space (i.e. this * sp) More...
int motionSegments () const
 Return the number of motion segments. More...
UT_Matrix4D getTransform (int segment) const
void getTransform (UT_Matrix4D &x, BRAYtime shutter) const
void dump () const
void dump (UT_JSONWriter &w) const
bool isValid () const
VPRM_SpacePtrspace ()
const VPRM_SpacePtrspace () const

Detailed Description


Definition at line 64 of file BRAY_Interface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BRAY::SpacePtr::SpacePtr ( )
BRAY::SpacePtr::SpacePtr ( const VPRM_SpacePtr s)
BRAY::SpacePtr::SpacePtr ( const SpacePtr s)
BRAY::SpacePtr::SpacePtr ( const UT_Matrix4D xforms)
BRAY::SpacePtr::SpacePtr ( const UT_Matrix4D xforms,
size_t  num_motion_segments 
BRAY::SpacePtr::~SpacePtr ( )

Member Function Documentation

void BRAY::SpacePtr::dump ( ) const
void BRAY::SpacePtr::dump ( UT_JSONWriter w) const
UT_Matrix4D BRAY::SpacePtr::getTransform ( int  segment) const
void BRAY::SpacePtr::getTransform ( UT_Matrix4D x,
BRAYtime  shutter 
) const
bool BRAY::SpacePtr::isValid ( ) const

Private access

Definition at line 77 of file BRAY_Interface.h.

int BRAY::SpacePtr::motionSegments ( ) const

Return the number of motion segments.

SpacePtr BRAY::SpacePtr::mulSpace ( const SpacePtr sp) const

Multiply by the given space (i.e. this * sp)

SYS_SAFE_BOOL BRAY::SpacePtr::operator bool ( ) const

Bool operator to test validity of pointer

Definition at line 82 of file BRAY_Interface.h.

SpacePtr& BRAY::SpacePtr::operator= ( const SpacePtr s)
VPRM_SpacePtr& BRAY::SpacePtr::space ( )

Private access

Definition at line 78 of file BRAY_Interface.h.

const VPRM_SpacePtr& BRAY::SpacePtr::space ( ) const

Private access

Definition at line 79 of file BRAY_Interface.h.

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