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DT_Host Class Referenceabstract

#include <DT_Plugin.h>

Public Types

enum  NodeChangeType {
 The list of node change types when calling DT_Host::nodesChanged. More...

Public Member Functions

 DT_Host (DT_ViewportProvider *viewport_provider)
virtual ~DT_Host ()
virtual void setNodeFilter (const char *pattern, bool filter_cells)=0
virtual void nodesChanged (NodeChangeType type, const DT_NodeIdSet &node_ids)=0
virtual void sharedOptionsChanged ()=0
 Some plugin options have changed and the UI needs to update. More...
virtual bool addInterestOnNode (DT_NodeHandle node)=0
virtual bool removeInterestOnNode (DT_NodeHandle node)=0
virtual void startRename (DT_NodeHandle node)=0
 Starts an in-place editing operation on a node. More...
virtual void parameterDefsChanged ()=0
virtual void saveTreeExpansionState (bool match_nodes_by_name)=0
virtual void addDelayedAction (int action_id, UT_SharedPtr< void > data)=0
virtual void addMessage (UT_ErrorSeverity sev, const char *fmt,...)=0
virtual bool getViewportSelection (const DT_ViewportSelectionConfig &selection_config, DT_ViewportSelection &selection)
virtual void interruptViewportSelection ()
 Interrupt any running viewport selection. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 798 of file DT_Plugin.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

The list of node change types when calling DT_Host::nodesChanged.


Use id of node(s) whose value changed.


Use id of node(s) renamed.


Use id of node(s) whose selection changed.


Use parent id(s) of node(s) added.


Use parent id(s) of node(s) moved.


Use id of node(s) removed.


Use id of node(s) that should be expanded.


Use id of node(s) that should be collapsed.

Definition at line 802 of file DT_Plugin.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DT_Host::DT_Host ( DT_ViewportProvider viewport_provider)
virtual DT_Host::~DT_Host ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void DT_Host::addDelayedAction ( int  action_id,
UT_SharedPtr< void data 
pure virtual

Request running a delayed action. This causes the host to call DT_Plugin::runDelayedAction with the same parameters as given to this call, once the current operation is complete and control is given back to the data tree host. This can be used, for example, to perform scene operations outside of the DT_Plugin::opEvent callback, when those operations may cause events to be generated (e.g. changing a parameter value as a reaction to an OP event). The action_id is any arbitrary integer, and the data is an opaque shared pointer whose interpretation is known only to the plugin. UT_SharedPtr<void> allows converting back to a known pointer value. E.g. if the value given is UT_SharedPtr<Foo> is given, then the UT_SharedPtr<void> value given in DT_Plugin::runDelayedAction can be converted back into UT_SharedPtr<Foo>.

virtual bool DT_Host::addInterestOnNode ( DT_NodeHandle  node)
pure virtual

Adds an interest on a node that's not a part of the display tree. This is useful for when there's not a direct 1-to-1 mapping available between tree nodes and OP nodes we're interested in. Returns true if successful.

virtual void DT_Host::addMessage ( UT_ErrorSeverity  sev,
const char *  fmt,
pure virtual

Report a message of the given severity. The message will be reported to Houdini's status line.

virtual bool DT_Host::getViewportSelection ( const DT_ViewportSelectionConfig selection_config,
DT_ViewportSelection selection 

For binding the data tree to the viewport. Gets a selection from an available Scene Viewer pane. Can either take the current selection, or force a new selection. Can also choose to get back an object selection, component selection, or accept either.

virtual void DT_Host::interruptViewportSelection ( )

Interrupt any running viewport selection.

virtual void DT_Host::nodesChanged ( NodeChangeType  type,
const DT_NodeIdSet node_ids 
pure virtual

This method should be called to notify the display tree that a node, or a set of nodes, has changed in some way.

virtual void DT_Host::parameterDefsChanged ( )
pure virtual

The definition, order and/or count of the parameter definitions has changed. This call will cause the data tree to update the corresponding display columns.

virtual bool DT_Host::removeInterestOnNode ( DT_NodeHandle  node)
pure virtual

Called by plugins to remove an interest from a node that's not a part of the display tree. Returns true if successful.

virtual void DT_Host::saveTreeExpansionState ( bool  match_nodes_by_name)
pure virtual

Saves the node tree expansion state. This expansion state is automatically restored when the next update occurs.

virtual void DT_Host::setNodeFilter ( const char *  pattern,
bool  filter_cells 
pure virtual

Sets a filter pattern on the tree, showing only the nodes in the tree that match using UT_String::multiMatch with the given pattern. The match is made using the full path to the tree node. If filter_cells is set to true, the filter is additionally applied to the individual cell values for that row, again using UT_String::multiMatch.

virtual void DT_Host::sharedOptionsChanged ( )
pure virtual

Some plugin options have changed and the UI needs to update.

virtual void DT_Host::startRename ( DT_NodeHandle  node)
pure virtual

Starts an in-place editing operation on a node.

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