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GA_GeometryIndex Class Reference

#include <GA_GeometryIndex.h>

Public Member Functions

 GA_GeometryIndex ()
virtual ~GA_GeometryIndex ()
void clear ()
bool writeToJSON (UT_JSONWriter &writer)
bool readFromJSON (UT_JSONParser &parser)
 Reads the index from a JSON parser. More...
void addEntry (exint key, exint location)
 Adds an entry to the index. Key can be an exint or a string. More...
void addEntry (const char *key, exint location)
GA_GeometryIndexaddSubindexEntry (exint key)
GA_GeometryIndexaddSubindexEntry (const char *key)
exint getEntryByInt (exint key)
 Retrieves an entry. More...
exint getEntryByString (const UT_StringRef &key)
GA_GeometryIndexgetSubindexEntryByInt (exint key)
 Retrieves subindex entry. More...
GA_GeometryIndexgetSubindexEntryByString (const UT_StringRef &key)
bool isEmpty () const
 Returns true if the index has no entries. More...

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GA_GeometryIndex::GA_GeometryIndex ( )
virtual GA_GeometryIndex::~GA_GeometryIndex ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GA_GeometryIndex::addEntry ( exint  key,
exint  location 

Adds an entry to the index. Key can be an exint or a string.

void GA_GeometryIndex::addEntry ( const char *  key,
exint  location 
GA_GeometryIndex* GA_GeometryIndex::addSubindexEntry ( exint  key)

Adds a subindex entry. Fill the returned index as you would the top level index. Memory is owned by the parent index.

GA_GeometryIndex* GA_GeometryIndex::addSubindexEntry ( const char *  key)
void GA_GeometryIndex::clear ( )
exint GA_GeometryIndex::getEntryByInt ( exint  key)

Retrieves an entry.

exint GA_GeometryIndex::getEntryByString ( const UT_StringRef key)
GA_GeometryIndex* GA_GeometryIndex::getSubindexEntryByInt ( exint  key)

Retrieves subindex entry.

GA_GeometryIndex* GA_GeometryIndex::getSubindexEntryByString ( const UT_StringRef key)
bool GA_GeometryIndex::isEmpty ( ) const

Returns true if the index has no entries.

bool GA_GeometryIndex::readFromJSON ( UT_JSONParser parser)

Reads the index from a JSON parser.

bool GA_GeometryIndex::writeToJSON ( UT_JSONWriter writer)

Writes the index to a JSON reader Should be called from within an array context

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