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GD_TrimPiecePoly Class Reference

#include <GD_TrimPiece.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GD_TrimPiecePoly:

Public Member Functions

 GD_TrimPiecePoly ()
 ~GD_TrimPiecePoly () override
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const override
GD_TrimPiececopy () override
GD_TrimPiececut (float u1, float u2) const override
int intersect (GD_TrimPiece &curve, UT_Array< GD_TrimHitInfo > &hitlist, float tol=0.0001F) override
int intersectIsoparm (float val, int isoparm, UT_Array< GD_TrimHitInfo > &hitlist, float tol=1E-4F, int depth=4) override
int evaluateUnit (float u, UT_Vector2 &pos) const override
int evaluateUnit (float u, UT_Vector2 &pos, UT_Vector2 &der, UT_Vector2 &der2) const override
GD_FacecreateFace (GD_Detail *gdp) override
unsigned getPrimitiveTypeId () const override
void buildCurve (int idx)
void appendPoint (float x, float y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GD_TrimPiece
 GD_TrimPiece ()
virtual ~GD_TrimPiece ()
void init (int order, float ustart, float ulength, int rational=1)
virtual void reverse ()
float length () const
virtual int evaluate (float u, UT_Vector2 &pos) const
virtual int evaluate (float u, UT_Vector2 &pos, UT_Vector2 &der) const
int checkStraight ()
virtual void buildBBox ()
void print () const

Public Attributes

GD_TrimPieceRBezCurve myCurve
- Public Attributes inherited from GD_TrimPiece
float myUStart
float myULength
UT_Vector3Array myCV
UT_BoundingRect myBBox
int myRational
int myImplicitFlag
UT_MatrixF myXCoeff
UT_MatrixF myYCoeff
UT_MatrixF myWCoeff

Detailed Description

Definition at line 183 of file GD_TrimPiece.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GD_TrimPiecePoly::GD_TrimPiecePoly ( )
GD_TrimPiecePoly::~GD_TrimPiecePoly ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GD_TrimPiecePoly::appendPoint ( float  x,
float  y 
void GD_TrimPiecePoly::buildCurve ( int  idx)
GD_TrimPiece* GD_TrimPiecePoly::copy ( )

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

GD_Face* GD_TrimPiecePoly::createFace ( GD_Detail gdp)

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

GD_TrimPiece* GD_TrimPiecePoly::cut ( float  u1,
float  u2 
) const

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

int GD_TrimPiecePoly::evaluateUnit ( float  u,
UT_Vector2 pos 
) const

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

int GD_TrimPiecePoly::evaluateUnit ( float  u,
UT_Vector2 pos,
UT_Vector2 der,
UT_Vector2 der2 
) const

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

int64 GD_TrimPiecePoly::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

Reimplemented from GD_TrimPiece.

Definition at line 190 of file GD_TrimPiece.h.

unsigned GD_TrimPiecePoly::getPrimitiveTypeId ( ) const

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

Definition at line 225 of file GD_TrimPiece.h.

int GD_TrimPiecePoly::intersect ( GD_TrimPiece curve,
UT_Array< GD_TrimHitInfo > &  hitlist,
float  tol = 0.0001F 

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

int GD_TrimPiecePoly::intersectIsoparm ( float  val,
int  isoparm,
UT_Array< GD_TrimHitInfo > &  hitlist,
float  tol = 1E-4F,
int  depth = 4 

Implements GD_TrimPiece.

Member Data Documentation

GD_TrimPieceRBezCurve GD_TrimPiecePoly::myCurve

Definition at line 230 of file GD_TrimPiece.h.

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