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GEO_IOBpoly Class Reference

#include <GEO_IOBpoly.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GEO_IOBpoly:

Public Member Functions

 GEO_IOBpoly ()
 GEO_IOBpoly (const GEO_IOBpoly &src)
 ~GEO_IOBpoly () override
GEO_IOTranslatorduplicate () const override
 This method is used to create a copy of the sub-class. More...
const char * formatName () const override
int checkExtension (const char *name) override
int checkMagicNumber (unsigned magic) override
GA_Detail::IOStatus fileSave (const GEO_Detail *, std::ostream &os) override
GA_Detail::IOStatus fileLoad (GEO_Detail *, UT_IStream &, bool) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEO_IOTranslator
 GEO_IOTranslator ()
virtual ~GEO_IOTranslator ()
virtual void getFileExtensions (UT_StringArray &extensions) const
virtual bool fileStat (const char *filename, GA_Stat &stat, uint level)
virtual GA_Detail::IOStatus fileSaveToFile (const GEO_Detail *gdp, const char *filename)
void eraseDSODefinition ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GEO_IOTranslator
typedef UT_StringMap
< UT_StringHolder
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GEO_IOTranslator
static const geo_DSODefinitionsdsoDefinitions ()
 Return the list of DSO based translators. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEO_IOTranslator
bool statJSONStream (UT_IStream &is, GA_Stat &stat, uint level) const
 Stat a .bgeo JSON stream. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file GEO_IOBpoly.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GEO_IOBpoly::GEO_IOBpoly ( )

Definition at line 25 of file GEO_IOBpoly.h.

GEO_IOBpoly::GEO_IOBpoly ( const GEO_IOBpoly src)

Definition at line 30 of file GEO_IOBpoly.h.

GEO_IOBpoly::~GEO_IOBpoly ( )

Member Function Documentation

int GEO_IOBpoly::checkExtension ( const char *  name)

Method to check the extension of the name to see if it matches one that we can handle. Returns true if there's a match

Implements GEO_IOTranslator.

int GEO_IOBpoly::checkMagicNumber ( unsigned  magic)

Method to check if the given magic number matches the magic number. Return true on a match.

Implements GEO_IOTranslator.

GEO_IOTranslator* GEO_IOBpoly::duplicate ( ) const

This method is used to create a copy of the sub-class.

Implements GEO_IOTranslator.

GA_Detail::IOStatus GEO_IOBpoly::fileLoad ( GEO_Detail gdp,
UT_IStream is,
bool  ate_magic 

Method to load from a stream. If the ate_magic flag is on, then the library has already read the magic number and the loader should not expect it. If the file format doesn't support reading from streams, it can use UT_IStream::isRandomAccessFile to get the raw name to read from. Return false if this translator doesn't support loading.

Implements GEO_IOTranslator.

GA_Detail::IOStatus GEO_IOBpoly::fileSave ( const GEO_Detail gdp,
std::ostream &  os 

Method to save a gdp to another format. Return false if this translator does not support saving.

Implements GEO_IOTranslator.

const char* GEO_IOBpoly::formatName ( ) const

Returns the label for the geometry format that this translator supports.

Implements GEO_IOTranslator.

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