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GQ_Pelt Class Reference

#include <GQ_Pelt.h>


class  FramePoint

Static Public Member Functions

static void findAllConnectedPrimitives (GU_Detail *gdp, GEO_Primitive *seed, GA_PointGroup *visited_points, GA_PrimitiveGroup *visited_prims, GA_EdgeGroup *boundary_edges)
static void getEdges (GU_Detail *gdp, const GA_EdgeGroup *group, UT_IntArray &selections)
static void putEdges (const UT_IntArray &selections, GU_Detail *gdp, GA_EdgeGroup *group)
static void getPrimitives (GU_Detail *gdp, UT_IntArray &data)
static void putPrimitives (const UT_IntArray &data, GU_Detail *gdp)
static void determineCutSection (GU_Detail *gdp, const GA_EdgeGroup *cuts, GEO_Primitive *hint_prim, GA_PointGroup *connected_points, GA_PrimitiveGroup *connected_prims, GA_PointGroup *boundary_points)
static FramePointcreateFrame (const GEO_Face *face, const GU_Detail *gdp, const GA_PointGroup *boundary_points, int ufrom, int vfrom, float orientation, const char *density_attribute)
static void destroyFrame (FramePoint *frame)
static void remapCoord (FramePoint *frame, int num_points, float minuvalue, float maxuvalue, float minvvalue, float maxvvalue)
static void updateUVs (GU_Detail *gdp, const GA_PointGroup *connected_points, FramePoint *frame, const GA_PrimitiveGroup *connected_prims, const GA_PointGroup *boundary_points, bool do_vertex, float springconstant, int maxiterations, bool(*callback_func)(void *), void *callback_data, const char *tension_attribute)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file GQ_Pelt.h.

Member Function Documentation

static FramePoint* GQ_Pelt::createFrame ( const GEO_Face face,
const GU_Detail gdp,
const GA_PointGroup boundary_points,
int  ufrom,
int  vfrom,
float  orientation,
const char *  density_attribute 
static void GQ_Pelt::destroyFrame ( FramePoint frame)
static void GQ_Pelt::determineCutSection ( GU_Detail gdp,
const GA_EdgeGroup cuts,
GEO_Primitive hint_prim,
GA_PointGroup connected_points,
GA_PrimitiveGroup connected_prims,
GA_PointGroup boundary_points 
static void GQ_Pelt::findAllConnectedPrimitives ( GU_Detail gdp,
GEO_Primitive seed,
GA_PointGroup visited_points,
GA_PrimitiveGroup visited_prims,
GA_EdgeGroup boundary_edges 
static void GQ_Pelt::getEdges ( GU_Detail gdp,
const GA_EdgeGroup group,
UT_IntArray selections 
static void GQ_Pelt::getPrimitives ( GU_Detail gdp,
UT_IntArray data 
static void GQ_Pelt::putEdges ( const UT_IntArray selections,
GU_Detail gdp,
GA_EdgeGroup group 
static void GQ_Pelt::putPrimitives ( const UT_IntArray data,
GU_Detail gdp 
static void GQ_Pelt::remapCoord ( FramePoint frame,
int  num_points,
float  minuvalue,
float  maxuvalue,
float  minvvalue,
float  maxvvalue 
static void GQ_Pelt::updateUVs ( GU_Detail gdp,
const GA_PointGroup connected_points,
FramePoint frame,
const GA_PrimitiveGroup connected_prims,
const GA_PointGroup boundary_points,
bool  do_vertex,
float  springconstant,
int  maxiterations,
bool(*)(void *)  callback_func,
void callback_data,
const char *  tension_attribute 

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