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HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry Class Referencefinal

#include <sceneIndexPluginRegistry.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry:

Public Types

enum  InsertionOrder { InsertionOrderAtStart, InsertionOrderAtEnd }
using InsertionPhase = unsigned int

Public Member Functions

HD_API HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr AppendSceneIndex (const TfToken &sceneIndexPluginId, const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &inputScene, const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &inputArgs)
HD_API HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr AppendSceneIndicesForRenderer (const std::string &rendererDisplayName, const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &inputScene)
HD_API void RegisterSceneIndexForRenderer (const std::string &rendererDisplayName, const TfToken &sceneIndexPluginId, const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &inputArgs, InsertionPhase insertionPhase, InsertionOrder insertionOrder)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HfPluginRegistry
HF_API void GetPluginDescs (HfPluginDescVector *plugins)
HF_API bool GetPluginDesc (const TfToken &pluginId, HfPluginDesc *desc)
HF_API void AddPluginReference (HfPluginBase *plugin)
HF_API void ReleasePlugin (HfPluginBase *plugin)
HF_API bool IsRegisteredPlugin (const TfToken &pluginId)
HF_API TfToken GetPluginId (const HfPluginBase *plugin) const

Static Public Member Functions

static HD_API
GetInstance ()
template<typename T , typename... Bases>
static void Define ()

Protected Member Functions

void _CollectAdditionalMetadata (const PlugRegistry &plugRegistry, const TfType &pluginType) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HfPluginRegistry
HF_API HfPluginRegistry (const TfType &pluginBaseType)
virtual HF_API ~HfPluginRegistry ()
HF_API HfPluginBaseGetPlugin (const TfToken &pluginId)


class TfSingleton< HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from HfPluginRegistry
template<typename T , typename PluginBaseType , typename... Bases>
static void Define ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry::_CollectAdditionalMetadata ( const PlugRegistry plugRegistry,
const TfType pluginType 

Gives subclasses an opportunity to inspect plugInfo-based metadata at the time of discovery.

Reimplemented from HfPluginRegistry.

HD_API HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry::AppendSceneIndex ( const TfToken sceneIndexPluginId,
const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &  inputScene,
const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &  inputArgs 

Given a specific scene index plug-in id, give the plug-in a chance to add scene indices to the end of the chain. Return value is the last scene index – or inputScene if the plug-in chooses not to act. Input arguments may be nullptr if not relevant to this plug-in.

HD_API HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry::AppendSceneIndicesForRenderer ( const std::string rendererDisplayName,
const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &  inputScene 

Append scene indices generated by plug-ins registered (via RegisterSceneIndexForRenderer) for this renderer. Return value is the last scene index – or inputScene if no plugins are registered or taking action. This also includes plug-ins registered for all renderers (via an empty rendererDisplayName) to be added in advance of any registered for the specified rendeer.

template<typename T , typename... Bases>
void HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry::Define ( )

Entry point for defining an HdSceneIndexPlugin plugin.

Definition at line 156 of file sceneIndexPluginRegistry.h.

static HD_API HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry& HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry::GetInstance ( )

Returns the singleton registry for HdSceneIndexPlugin

HD_API void HdSceneIndexPluginRegistry::RegisterSceneIndexForRenderer ( const std::string rendererDisplayName,
const TfToken sceneIndexPluginId,
const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &  inputArgs,
InsertionPhase  insertionPhase,
InsertionOrder  insertionOrder 

Register a scene index to be instantiated whenever a specified renderer (or all renderers if rendererDisplayName is empty).

Insertion phase is a broad ordering value with lower values indicating earlier instantiation (possibly given render plugin-specific meaning via enum values). Insertion order indicates whether this entry should go at the start or end of the specified phase.

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