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InputFile Class Reference

#include <ImfInputFile.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for InputFile:

Public Member Functions

IMF_EXPORT InputFile (const char fileName[], int numThreads=globalThreadCount())
IMF_EXPORT InputFile (OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::IStream &is, int numThreads=globalThreadCount())
virtual IMF_EXPORT ~InputFile ()
IMF_EXPORT const char * fileName () const
IMF_EXPORT const Headerheader () const
IMF_EXPORT int version () const
IMF_EXPORT void setFrameBuffer (const FrameBuffer &frameBuffer)
IMF_EXPORT const FrameBufferframeBuffer () const
IMF_EXPORT bool isComplete () const
IMF_EXPORT bool isOptimizationEnabled () const
IMF_EXPORT void readPixels (int scanLine1, int scanLine2)
IMF_EXPORT void readPixels (int scanLine)
IMF_EXPORT void rawPixelData (int firstScanLine, const char *&pixelData, int &pixelDataSize)
IMF_EXPORT void rawPixelDataToBuffer (int scanLine, char *pixelData, int &pixelDataSize) const
IMF_EXPORT void rawTileData (int &dx, int &dy, int &lx, int &ly, const char *&pixelData, int &pixelDataSize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GenericInputFile
virtual IMF_EXPORT ~GenericInputFile ()

Public Attributes

struct IMF_HIDDEN Data


class TiledOutputFile
class MultiPartInputFile

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GenericInputFile
IMF_EXPORT GenericInputFile ()
IMF_EXPORT void readMagicNumberAndVersionField (OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::IStream &is, int &version)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file ImfInputFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IMF_EXPORT InputFile::InputFile ( const char  fileName[],
int  numThreads = globalThreadCount() 
int  numThreads = globalThreadCount() 
virtual IMF_EXPORT InputFile::~InputFile ( )

Member Function Documentation

IMF_EXPORT const char* InputFile::fileName ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT const FrameBuffer& InputFile::frameBuffer ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT const Header& InputFile::header ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool InputFile::isComplete ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool InputFile::isOptimizationEnabled ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT void InputFile::rawPixelData ( int  firstScanLine,
const char *&  pixelData,
int pixelDataSize 
IMF_EXPORT void InputFile::rawPixelDataToBuffer ( int  scanLine,
char *  pixelData,
int pixelDataSize 
) const
IMF_EXPORT void InputFile::rawTileData ( int dx,
int dy,
int lx,
int ly,
const char *&  pixelData,
int pixelDataSize 
IMF_EXPORT void InputFile::readPixels ( int  scanLine1,
int  scanLine2 
IMF_EXPORT void InputFile::readPixels ( int  scanLine)
IMF_EXPORT void InputFile::setFrameBuffer ( const FrameBuffer frameBuffer)
IMF_EXPORT int InputFile::version ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MultiPartInputFile

Definition at line 239 of file ImfInputFile.h.

friend class TiledOutputFile

Definition at line 234 of file ImfInputFile.h.

Member Data Documentation

struct IMF_HIDDEN InputFile::Data

Definition at line 217 of file ImfInputFile.h.

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