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PI_EditScriptedParms Class Reference

#include <PI_EditScriptedParms.h>

Public Member Functions

 PI_EditScriptedParms ()
 PI_EditScriptedParms (OP_Node *node, bool add_reserved_parms, bool init_auto_links, bool skip_parm_vops=false, bool allow_switch_rename=true)
 PI_EditScriptedParms (OP_Operator *op, OP_Node *node, bool add_reserved_parms, bool spareparms=false, bool skip_parm_vops=false)
 PI_EditScriptedParms (OP_Operator *op, bool add_reserved_parms, bool skip_parm_vops=false)
 PI_EditScriptedParms (OP_Node *node, UT_IStream &is, bool spareparms, bool skip_reserved, bool init_auto_links, bool fix_invalid_joins)
 PI_EditScriptedParms (OP_Node *node, const PRM_Template *tplate, bool spareparms, bool skip_reserved, bool init_auto_links)
 PI_EditScriptedParms (const PI_EditScriptedParms &src)
 ~PI_EditScriptedParms ()
void mergeParms (const PI_EditScriptedParms &src)
void clearParms ()
int save (std::ostream &os, UT_String &warnings, bool validate_joins)
void dump (std::ostream &os)
void compile ()
PI_EditScriptedParmArraygetParms ()
int getNParms () const
PI_EditScriptedParmgetParm (int i)
const PI_EditScriptedParmgetParm (int i) const
int getParmIndexWithName (const UT_StringRef &name)
PI_EditScriptedParmgetParmWithName (const UT_StringRef &name)
int getParmIndex (PI_EditScriptedParm *p)
int getFolderIndexWithLabel (const UT_StringRef &label)
int getFolderIndexWithName (const UT_StringRef &name)
PI_EditScriptedParmgetFolderWithLabel (const UT_StringRef &label)
PI_EditScriptedParmgetFolderWithName (const UT_StringRef &name)
void removeEmptyFolders ()
int getNestedFolderIndex (const UT_StringArray &folder_labels)
void getContainingFolders (int parm_index, UT_ValArray< PI_EditScriptedParm * > &result)
PI_EditScriptedParmgetParmWithAutolink (const char *channelpath, const char *nodepath, int *linkedsubidx=0)
int getMatchingGroupParm (int parm) const
bool getIsFirstPage (int parm) const
int getParentGroupParm (int parm)
int getNMenu (int parm)
PI_EditScriptedParmMenugetMenu (int parm, int i)
const char * getMenuScript (int parm)
bool isParmMoveAllowed (int first, int last, int offset)
bool updateNode ()
void addParm (PI_EditScriptedParm *parm)
bool moveParms (int first, int last, int offset, bool remove_invalid_groups=true)
void moveParms (const UT_IntArray &movingparms, int destpos, bool remove_invalid_groups=true)
void insertMultiParmTemplates (const PRM_Template *tplate, const char *parentparmname, const OP_Node *linktonode, const char *nameprefix, const char *labelprefix, int insertat, bool include_invisible_parms)
void permuteParms (int first, const UT_IntArray &permutation)
int removeParms (int first, int last, bool remove_invalid_joins=true)
void removeInvalidJoins ()
void copyDefaultsFromNode (OP_Node *node)
int checkReservedName (const char *name) const
bool containsReservedParm () const
void initializeReserveNames (OP_Parameters *node)
void initializeReserveFlags ()
void clearReserveNamesAndFlags ()
bool makeSafeParmName (PI_EditScriptedParm *parm, UT_String &parmname, const UT_StringSet *extrareserved, bool checkexistingparms)
bool makeSafeParmName (PI_EditScriptedParm *parm, UT_StringHolder &parmname, const UT_StringSet *extrareserved, bool checkexistingparms)
void setAutolinksToCurrentLinks ()
void addParametersToAutolinks (PI_EditScriptedParm &destparm, const UT_StringArray &parms, const char *nodepath, bool linkinvisibles, PI_EditScriptedParmArray &changedparms, UT_StringArray &errors)
void fixParmNamesForInstanceLevel ()
void findMisplacedReservedParms (UT_IntArray &misplaced_parms)
void applyAutoLinks (UT_StringArray &errors, OP_NodeList &changednodes, UT_IntArray &changedparms)
void updateNodesFromApplyAutoLinks (OP_NodeList &changednodes, UT_IntArray &changedparms)
bool updateAutoLinksForNameChange (const UT_String &refnodepath, const UT_String &oldpath, const UT_String &newpath)
OP_NodegetNode () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void buildMultiparmInfo (OP_Node *refnode)
static void clearMultiparmInfo ()
static void lockMultiparmInfo ()
static void releaseMultiparmInfo ()
static const
getBuiltMultiparmInfo ()
static void addRampAutoLinks (OP_Node *dstnode, PRM_Parm *dstparm, const char *dstchannel, const char *srcrelpath, const char *srcchannel, bool is_color_ramp, UT_String &error)
static void deleteRampAutoLinks (OP_Node *dstnode, PRM_Parm *dstparm, const char *dstchannel, bool is_color_ramp, UT_String &error, bool also_revert=false)
 Deletes ramp references added via addRampAutoLinks() More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 393 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( )
PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( OP_Node node,
bool  add_reserved_parms,
bool  init_auto_links,
bool  skip_parm_vops = false,
bool  allow_switch_rename = true 
PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( OP_Operator op,
OP_Node node,
bool  add_reserved_parms,
bool  spareparms = false,
bool  skip_parm_vops = false 
PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( OP_Operator op,
bool  add_reserved_parms,
bool  skip_parm_vops = false 
PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( OP_Node node,
UT_IStream is,
bool  spareparms,
bool  skip_reserved,
bool  init_auto_links,
bool  fix_invalid_joins 
PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( OP_Node node,
const PRM_Template tplate,
bool  spareparms,
bool  skip_reserved,
bool  init_auto_links 
PI_EditScriptedParms::PI_EditScriptedParms ( const PI_EditScriptedParms src)
PI_EditScriptedParms::~PI_EditScriptedParms ( )

Member Function Documentation

void PI_EditScriptedParms::addParametersToAutolinks ( PI_EditScriptedParm destparm,
const UT_StringArray parms,
const char *  nodepath,
bool  linkinvisibles,
PI_EditScriptedParmArray changedparms,
UT_StringArray errors 
void PI_EditScriptedParms::addParm ( PI_EditScriptedParm parm)
static void PI_EditScriptedParms::addRampAutoLinks ( OP_Node dstnode,
PRM_Parm dstparm,
const char *  dstchannel,
const char *  srcrelpath,
const char *  srcchannel,
bool  is_color_ramp,
UT_String error 
void PI_EditScriptedParms::applyAutoLinks ( UT_StringArray errors,
OP_NodeList changednodes,
UT_IntArray changedparms 
static void PI_EditScriptedParms::buildMultiparmInfo ( OP_Node refnode)
int PI_EditScriptedParms::checkReservedName ( const char *  name) const
static void PI_EditScriptedParms::clearMultiparmInfo ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::clearParms ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::clearReserveNamesAndFlags ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::compile ( )
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::containsReservedParm ( ) const
void PI_EditScriptedParms::copyDefaultsFromNode ( OP_Node node)
static void PI_EditScriptedParms::deleteRampAutoLinks ( OP_Node dstnode,
PRM_Parm dstparm,
const char *  dstchannel,
bool  is_color_ramp,
UT_String error,
bool  also_revert = false 

Deletes ramp references added via addRampAutoLinks()

void PI_EditScriptedParms::dump ( std::ostream &  os)
void PI_EditScriptedParms::findMisplacedReservedParms ( UT_IntArray misplaced_parms)
void PI_EditScriptedParms::fixParmNamesForInstanceLevel ( )
static const PI_BuiltMultiParmInfo& PI_EditScriptedParms::getBuiltMultiparmInfo ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::getContainingFolders ( int  parm_index,
UT_ValArray< PI_EditScriptedParm * > &  result 
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getFolderIndexWithLabel ( const UT_StringRef label)
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getFolderIndexWithName ( const UT_StringRef name)
PI_EditScriptedParm* PI_EditScriptedParms::getFolderWithLabel ( const UT_StringRef label)
PI_EditScriptedParm* PI_EditScriptedParms::getFolderWithName ( const UT_StringRef name)
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::getIsFirstPage ( int  parm) const
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getMatchingGroupParm ( int  parm) const
PI_EditScriptedParmMenu* PI_EditScriptedParms::getMenu ( int  parm,
int  i 
const char* PI_EditScriptedParms::getMenuScript ( int  parm)
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getNestedFolderIndex ( const UT_StringArray folder_labels)
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getNMenu ( int  parm)
OP_Node* PI_EditScriptedParms::getNode ( ) const
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getNParms ( ) const
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getParentGroupParm ( int  parm)
PI_EditScriptedParm* PI_EditScriptedParms::getParm ( int  i)
const PI_EditScriptedParm* PI_EditScriptedParms::getParm ( int  i) const
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getParmIndex ( PI_EditScriptedParm p)
int PI_EditScriptedParms::getParmIndexWithName ( const UT_StringRef name)
PI_EditScriptedParmArray& PI_EditScriptedParms::getParms ( )

Definition at line 474 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

PI_EditScriptedParm* PI_EditScriptedParms::getParmWithAutolink ( const char *  channelpath,
const char *  nodepath,
int linkedsubidx = 0 
PI_EditScriptedParm* PI_EditScriptedParms::getParmWithName ( const UT_StringRef name)
void PI_EditScriptedParms::initializeReserveFlags ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::initializeReserveNames ( OP_Parameters node)
void PI_EditScriptedParms::insertMultiParmTemplates ( const PRM_Template tplate,
const char *  parentparmname,
const OP_Node linktonode,
const char *  nameprefix,
const char *  labelprefix,
int  insertat,
bool  include_invisible_parms 
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::isParmMoveAllowed ( int  first,
int  last,
int  offset 
static void PI_EditScriptedParms::lockMultiparmInfo ( )
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::makeSafeParmName ( PI_EditScriptedParm parm,
UT_String parmname,
const UT_StringSet extrareserved,
bool  checkexistingparms 
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::makeSafeParmName ( PI_EditScriptedParm parm,
UT_StringHolder parmname,
const UT_StringSet extrareserved,
bool  checkexistingparms 
void PI_EditScriptedParms::mergeParms ( const PI_EditScriptedParms src)
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::moveParms ( int  first,
int  last,
int  offset,
bool  remove_invalid_groups = true 
void PI_EditScriptedParms::moveParms ( const UT_IntArray movingparms,
int  destpos,
bool  remove_invalid_groups = true 
void PI_EditScriptedParms::permuteParms ( int  first,
const UT_IntArray permutation 
static void PI_EditScriptedParms::releaseMultiparmInfo ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::removeEmptyFolders ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::removeInvalidJoins ( )
int PI_EditScriptedParms::removeParms ( int  first,
int  last,
bool  remove_invalid_joins = true 
int PI_EditScriptedParms::save ( std::ostream &  os,
UT_String warnings,
bool  validate_joins 
void PI_EditScriptedParms::setAutolinksToCurrentLinks ( )
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::updateAutoLinksForNameChange ( const UT_String refnodepath,
const UT_String oldpath,
const UT_String newpath 
bool PI_EditScriptedParms::updateNode ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParms::updateNodesFromApplyAutoLinks ( OP_NodeList changednodes,
UT_IntArray changedparms 

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