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PcpPrimIndexOutputs Class Reference

#include <primIndex.h>

Public Types

enum  PayloadState {
  NoPayload, IncludedByIncludeSet, ExcludedByIncludeSet, IncludedByPredicate,

Public Member Functions

PcpNodeRef Append (PcpPrimIndexOutputs &&childOutputs, const PcpArc &arcToParent, PcpErrorBasePtr *error)

Public Attributes

PcpPrimIndex primIndex
PcpErrorVector allErrors
 List of all errors encountered during indexing. More...
PayloadState payloadState = NoPayload
PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData dynamicFileFormatDependency
PcpExpressionVariablesDependencyData expressionVariablesDependency
std::vector< PcpCulledDependencyculledDependencies
 Site dependencies from nodes in the prim index that have been culled. More...

Detailed Description

Outputs of the prim indexing procedure.

Definition at line 299 of file primIndex.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enumerator whose enumerants describe the payload state of this prim index. NoPayload if the index has no payload arcs, otherwise whether payloads were included or excluded, and if done so by consulting either the cache's payload include set, or determined by a payload predicate.


Definition at line 306 of file primIndex.h.

Member Function Documentation

PcpNodeRef PcpPrimIndexOutputs::Append ( PcpPrimIndexOutputs &&  childOutputs,
const PcpArc arcToParent,
PcpErrorBasePtr error 

Appends the outputs from childOutputs to this object, using arcToParent to connect childOutputs' prim index to this object's prim index.

Returns the node in this object's prim index corresponding to the root node of childOutputs' prim index.

Member Data Documentation

PcpErrorVector PcpPrimIndexOutputs::allErrors

List of all errors encountered during indexing.

Definition at line 315 of file primIndex.h.

std::vector<PcpCulledDependency> PcpPrimIndexOutputs::culledDependencies

Site dependencies from nodes in the prim index that have been culled.

Definition at line 332 of file primIndex.h.

PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData PcpPrimIndexOutputs::dynamicFileFormatDependency

A list of names of fields that were composed to generate dynamic file format arguments for a node in primIndex. These are not necessarily fields that had values, but is the list of all fields that a composed value was requested for.

Definition at line 325 of file primIndex.h.

PcpExpressionVariablesDependencyData PcpPrimIndexOutputs::expressionVariablesDependency

Dependencies on expression variables from composition arcs in this prim index.

Definition at line 329 of file primIndex.h.

PayloadState PcpPrimIndexOutputs::payloadState = NoPayload

Indicates the payload state of this index. See documentation for PayloadState enum for more information.

Definition at line 319 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndex PcpPrimIndexOutputs::primIndex

Prim index describing the composition structure for the associated prim.

Definition at line 312 of file primIndex.h.

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