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SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver Class Reference

#include <SIM_PhysicalParms.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver:

Public Member Functions

 SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver (const SIM_Solver *solver, const SIM_Object *obj)
 ~SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver () override
void get (GA_Index ptnum, UT_DMatrix3 &immatrix) const override
bool threadsafe () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_PointImpulseMassMatrixResolver
 SIM_PointImpulseMassMatrixResolver (const SIM_Solver *solver, const SIM_Object *obj)
virtual ~SIM_PointImpulseMassMatrixResolver ()

Protected Attributes

GU_ConstDetailHandle myGdpHandle
const GU_DetailmyGdp
GA_ROHandleF myMassAttrib
- Protected Attributes inherited from SIM_PointImpulseMassMatrixResolver
const SIM_ObjectmyObject
const SIM_SolvermySolver

Detailed Description

A simple, threadsafe mass matrix resolver that just looks up the mass point attribute and returns 1/mass if exists else 1.

Definition at line 261 of file SIM_PhysicalParms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver ( const SIM_Solver solver,
const SIM_Object obj 
SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::~SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver ( )

Member Function Documentation

void SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::get ( GA_Index  ptnum,
UT_DMatrix3 immatrix 
) const
bool SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::threadsafe ( ) const

The default implementation just calls SIM_Solver::getPointImpulseMassMatrix and is not threadsafe.

Reimplemented from SIM_PointImpulseMassMatrixResolver.

Definition at line 271 of file SIM_PhysicalParms.h.

Member Data Documentation

const GU_Detail* SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::myGdp

Definition at line 275 of file SIM_PhysicalParms.h.

GU_ConstDetailHandle SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::myGdpHandle

Definition at line 274 of file SIM_PhysicalParms.h.

GA_ROHandleF SIM_ParticleImpulseMassMatrixResolver::myMassAttrib

Definition at line 276 of file SIM_PhysicalParms.h.

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