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STY_StylerGroup Class Reference

#include <STY_StylerGroup.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for STY_StylerGroup:

Public Member Functions

 STY_StylerGroup ()
virtual ~STY_StylerGroup ()
int getNumStylers () const
 Returns the number of stylers in this group. More...
const STY_StylergetStyler (int idx) const
void saveStyleSheets (UT_StringArray &stylesheets, bool verbose=false, bool path=false) const
 Returns style sheets for all stylers in this group. More...
void getResults (UT_Array< STY_Results > &results, const STY_ResultsFilter &filter) const
void append (const STY_Styler &parent_styler, const STY_SubjectGroup &subjects)
 Adds stylers to this group from a parent styler and a subject group. More...
void append (const STY_Styler &styler)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_NonCopyableNS::UT_NonCopyable
 UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 ~UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 UT_NonCopyable (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete
UT_NonCopyableoperator= (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete

Detailed Description

Represents a collection of STY_Stylers in a single class. This allows for more efficient processing of multiple stylers.

Definition at line 25 of file STY_StylerGroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

STY_StylerGroup::STY_StylerGroup ( )
virtual STY_StylerGroup::~STY_StylerGroup ( )

Member Function Documentation

void STY_StylerGroup::append ( const STY_Styler parent_styler,
const STY_SubjectGroup subjects 

Adds stylers to this group from a parent styler and a subject group.

void STY_StylerGroup::append ( const STY_Styler styler)

Add a single styler that has been fully pruned. As much as possible the group functions should be used, but sometimes we just care about a single styler.

int STY_StylerGroup::getNumStylers ( ) const

Returns the number of stylers in this group.

void STY_StylerGroup::getResults ( UT_Array< STY_Results > &  results,
const STY_ResultsFilter filter 
) const

Returns results for every styler in the group. This method returns results from entries whose targets have been previously fully matched by the subjects in the subject hierarchy.

filterAn object that decides what kind of override values the caller is interested in. It filters out results that are not needed, and allows in the ones that the caller wants to obtain. Eg, the caller may want only the results in the 'materialParameters' category.
const STY_Styler& STY_StylerGroup::getStyler ( int  idx) const

Get a single styler corresponding to the subject with the same index in the STY_SubjectGroup that was used to create this STY_StylerGroup.

void STY_StylerGroup::saveStyleSheets ( UT_StringArray stylesheets,
bool  verbose = false,
bool  path = false 
) const

Returns style sheets for all stylers in this group.

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