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Sdf_RelationalAttributePathNode Class Reference

#include <pathNode.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Sdf_RelationalAttributePathNode:

Public Types

typedef TfToken ComparisonType
- Public Types inherited from Sdf_PathNode
enum  NodeType {
  RootNode, PrimNode, PrimVariantSelectionNode, PrimPropertyNode,
  TargetNode, MapperNode, RelationalAttributeNode, MapperArgNode,
  ExpressionNode, NumNodeTypes
typedef std::pair< TfToken,

Static Public Attributes

static const NodeType nodeType = Sdf_PathNode::RelationalAttributeNode


class Sdf_PathNode
struct Sdf_PathNodePrivateAccess
template<int nodeType, class Comp >
struct Sdf_PathNodeCompare

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Sdf_PropPartPathNode
SDF_API void operator delete (void *p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sdf_PathNode
NodeType GetNodeType () const
Sdf_PathNode constGetParentNode () const
size_t GetElementCount () const
bool IsAbsolutePath () const
bool IsAbsoluteRoot () const
bool ContainsTargetPath () const
bool IsNamespaced () const
bool ContainsPrimVariantSelection () const
const TfTokenGetName () const
const SdfPathGetTargetPath () const
const VariantSelectionTypeGetVariantSelection () const
TfToken GetElement () const
void AppendText (std::string *str) const
template<class Less >
bool Compare (const Sdf_PathNode &rhs) const
unsigned int GetCurrentRefCount () const
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Sdf_PathNode
static Sdf_PathPrimNodeHandle FindOrCreatePrim (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, const TfToken &name)
static Sdf_PathPropNodeHandle FindOrCreatePrimProperty (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, const TfToken &name)
static Sdf_PathPrimNodeHandle FindOrCreatePrimVariantSelection (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, const TfToken &variantSet, const TfToken &variant)
static Sdf_PathPropNodeHandle FindOrCreateTarget (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, SdfPath const &targetPath)
static Sdf_PathPropNodeHandle FindOrCreateRelationalAttribute (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, const TfToken &name)
static Sdf_PathPropNodeHandle FindOrCreateMapper (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, SdfPath const &targetPath)
static Sdf_PathPropNodeHandle FindOrCreateMapperArg (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, const TfToken &name)
static Sdf_PathPropNodeHandle FindOrCreateExpression (Sdf_PathNode const *parent)
static Sdf_PathNode constGetAbsoluteRootNode ()
static Sdf_PathNode constGetRelativeRootNode ()
static std::pair< Sdf_PathNode
const *, Sdf_PathNode const * > 
RemoveCommonSuffix (Sdf_PathNode const *a, Sdf_PathNode const *b, bool stopAtRootPrim)
static SDF_API const TfTokenGetPathToken (Sdf_PathNode const *primPart, Sdf_PathNode const *propPart)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Sdf_PathNode
 Sdf_PathNode (Sdf_PathNode const *parent, NodeType nodeType)
 Sdf_PathNode (bool isAbsolute)
 ~Sdf_PathNode ()
void _Destroy () const
SDF_API void _RemovePathTokenFromTable () const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Sdf_PathNode
static TfToken _CreatePathToken (Sdf_PathNode const *primPart, Sdf_PathNode const *propPart)

Detailed Description

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Sdf_PathNode

Definition at line 452 of file pathNode.h.

template<int nodeType, class Comp >
friend struct Sdf_PathNodeCompare

Definition at line 454 of file pathNode.h.

friend struct Sdf_PathNodePrivateAccess

Definition at line 453 of file pathNode.h.

Member Data Documentation

const NodeType Sdf_RelationalAttributePathNode::nodeType = Sdf_PathNode::RelationalAttributeNode

Definition at line 440 of file pathNode.h.

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