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UsdImagingAdapterRegistry Class Reference

#include <adapterRegistry.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for UsdImagingAdapterRegistry:

Public Member Functions

USDIMAGING_API bool HasAdapter (TfToken const &adapterKey)
ConstructAdapter (TfToken const &adapterKey)

Static Public Member Functions

static USDIMAGING_API bool AreExternalPluginsEnabled ()
GetInstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TfSingleton< UsdImagingAdapterRegistry >
static UsdImagingAdapterRegistryGetInstance ()
static bool CurrentlyExists ()
static void SetInstanceConstructed (UsdImagingAdapterRegistry &instance)
static void DeleteInstance ()


class TfSingleton< UsdImagingAdapterRegistry >

Detailed Description

Registry of PrimAdapter plug-ins.

Definition at line 56 of file adapterRegistry.h.

Member Function Documentation

static USDIMAGING_API bool UsdImagingAdapterRegistry::AreExternalPluginsEnabled ( )

Returns true if external plugins are enabled. Internal plugins have isInternal=1 set in their metadata. This flag is only intended to be set for critical imaging plugins (mesh, cube, sphere, curve, etc). This allows users to disable plugins that are crashing or executing slowly.

Driven by by the USDIMAGING_ENABLE_PLUGINS environment variable.

USDIMAGING_API UsdImagingPrimAdapterSharedPtr UsdImagingAdapterRegistry::ConstructAdapter ( TfToken const adapterKey)

Returns a new instance of the UsdImagingPrimAdapter that has been registered to handle the given adapterKey. This key is either a prim typename or a key specified in UsdImagingAdapterKeyTokens. Returns NULL if no adapter was registered for this key.

static USDIMAGING_API UsdImagingAdapterRegistry& UsdImagingAdapterRegistry::GetInstance ( )

Definition at line 77 of file adapterRegistry.h.

USDIMAGING_API bool UsdImagingAdapterRegistry::HasAdapter ( TfToken const adapterKey)

Returns true if an adapter has been registered to handle the given adapterKey.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Definition at line 58 of file adapterRegistry.h.

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