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onnxruntime::logging::Logger Class Reference

#include <logging.h>

Public Member Functions

 Logger (const LoggingManager &loggingManager, std::string id, Severity severity, bool filter_user_data, int vlog_level)
Severity GetSeverity () const noexcept
void SetSeverity (Severity severity) noexcept
void SetVerbosity (int vlog_level) noexcept
bool OutputIsEnabled (Severity severity, DataType data_type) const noexcept
int VLOGMaxLevel () const noexcept
void Log (const Capture &message) const
void SendProfileEvent (profiling::EventRecord &eventRecord) const

Detailed Description

Logger provides a per-instance log id. Everything else is passed back up to the LoggingManager

Definition at line 225 of file logging.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

onnxruntime::logging::Logger::Logger ( const LoggingManager loggingManager,
std::string  id,
Severity  severity,
bool  filter_user_data,
int  vlog_level 

Initializes a new instance of the Logger class.

loggingManagerThe logging manager.
idThe identifier for messages coming from this Logger.
severityMinimum severity for messages to be created and logged.
filter_user_dataShould USER data be filtered from output.
vlog_levelMinimum level for VLOG messages to be created. Note that a severity of kVERBOSE must be provided for VLOG messages to be logged.

Definition at line 236 of file logging.h.

Member Function Documentation

Severity onnxruntime::logging::Logger::GetSeverity ( ) const

Get the minimum severity level for log messages to be output.

The severity.

Definition at line 249 of file logging.h.

void onnxruntime::logging::Logger::Log ( const Capture message) const

Logs the captured message.

messageThe log message.

Definition at line 286 of file logging.h.

bool onnxruntime::logging::Logger::OutputIsEnabled ( Severity  severity,
DataType  data_type 
) const

Check if output is enabled for the provided LogSeverity and DataType values.

severityThe severity.
data_typeType of the data.
True if a message with these values will be logged.

Definition at line 271 of file logging.h.

void onnxruntime::logging::Logger::SendProfileEvent ( profiling::EventRecord eventRecord) const

Sends a Profiling Event Record to the sink.

ProfilingEvent Record

Definition at line 294 of file logging.h.

void onnxruntime::logging::Logger::SetSeverity ( Severity  severity)

Change the minimum severity level for log messages to be output.

severityThe severity.

Definition at line 255 of file logging.h.

void onnxruntime::logging::Logger::SetVerbosity ( int  vlog_level)

Change the maximum verbosity level for log messages to be output.

To activate the verbose log, the logger severity must also be set to kVERBOSE.
vlog_levelThe verbosity.

Definition at line 263 of file logging.h.

int onnxruntime::logging::Logger::VLOGMaxLevel ( ) const

Return the maximum VLOG level allowed. Disabled unless logging VLOG messages

Definition at line 278 of file logging.h.

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