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pointInstancer.h File Reference
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class  UsdGeomPointInstancer


USDGEOM_API bool UsdGeomPointInstancerApplyNewStyleListOps ()
USDGEOM_API bool UsdGeomPointInstancerSetOrMergeOverOp (std::vector< int64_t > const &items, SdfListOpType op, UsdPrim const &prim, TfToken const &metadataName)

Function Documentation

USDGEOM_API bool UsdGeomPointInstancerApplyNewStyleListOps ( )

Returns true if list ops should be composed with SdfListOp::ApplyOperations() Returns false if list ops should be composed with SdfListOp::ComposeOperations().

USDGEOM_API bool UsdGeomPointInstancerSetOrMergeOverOp ( std::vector< int64_t > const items,
SdfListOpType  op,
UsdPrim const prim,
TfToken const metadataName 

Applies a list operation of type op using items over the existing list operation on prim with the name metadataName.