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timing.h File Reference
#include "pxr/pxr.h"
#include "pxr/base/arch/api.h"
#include "pxr/base/arch/defines.h"
#include "pxr/base/arch/inttypes.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <atomic>
#include <iterator>
#include <numeric>
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struct  ArchIntervalTimer


PXR_NAMESPACE_OPEN_SCOPE uint64_t ArchGetTickTime ()
uint64_t ArchGetStartTickTime ()
uint64_t ArchGetStopTickTime ()
ARCH_API uint64_t ArchGetTickQuantum ()
ARCH_API uint64_t ArchGetIntervalTimerTickOverhead ()
ARCH_API int64_t ArchTicksToNanoseconds (uint64_t nTicks)
ARCH_API double ArchTicksToSeconds (uint64_t nTicks)
ARCH_API uint64_t ArchSecondsToTicks (double seconds)
ARCH_API double ArchGetNanosecondsPerTick ()
ARCH_API uint64_t Arch_MeasureExecutionTime (uint64_t maxMicroseconds, bool *reachedConsensus, void const *m, uint64_t(*callM)(void const *, int))
template<class Fn >
uint64_t ArchMeasureExecutionTime (Fn const &fn, uint64_t maxMicroSeconds=10000, bool *reachedConsensus=nullptr)

Detailed Description

High-resolution, low-cost timing routines.

Definition in file timing.h.