Houdini 20.0 Rendering

Render region tool

Lets you drag a box in the viewer to render an automatically updating preview of that part of the view.

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This tool lets you draw a rectangle in the 3D viewer that acts like a mini render view. It renders that part of the view and updates the rendered rectangle as you move lights and objects, tumble the view, and edit parameters.

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Render a region of the 3D view

  1. Click the Render Region tool on the left side of the viewport.

  2. Drag a rectangle in the viewer over the region to render.

Remove the rendered region

Hover over the region and click the close button in the top right corner.

Move or resize the rendered region

  • Drag the bar across the top of the region to move it.

  • Drag one of the corners to resize it.

  • Click the maximize button in the top right corner to render the entire 3D view.

Edit render preview settings

When the tool is selected, use the controls in the operation toolbar at the top of the viewer. These options are the same as the options in the render view.

You can use a pop-up menu in the operation toolbar to choose which render node to use to render the preview.

Visualize a different image plane

If the render node exports additional image planes, Right-click on the bar at the top of the region and choose the plane from the Image plane sub-menu.

Turn off rendered background

Right-click on the bar at the top of the region and choose Blend with viewport.

This disables rendering the background color to make the rendered objects blend visually with the rest of the 3D view.


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