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RBD Objects shelf tool

Creates one or more rigid bodies from SOP geometry.

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The RBD Objects tool creates one or more rigid bodies inside the DOP simulation using the RBD Packed Object DOP. If the SOP geometry has a name primitive attribute, the primitives will be separated into rigid bodies using the attribute values. Otherwise, the primitives will be separated into rigid bodies based on connectivity.


RBD Packed Objects are useful for large simulations since they are much faster, use less memory, and are smaller to write to disk. They can also be influenced by POP Forces, such as drag. Packed Objects can not interact with other solvers such as cloth and fluids. They also only work with Constraint Networks.

Using RBD Objects

  1. Select the geometry to convert to RBD objects.

  2. If desired, pre-fracture the geometry. For example, using the Shatter tool.

  3. Select the object and click the RBD Objects tool on the Rigid Bodies tab.

For specific parameter help see the RBD Packed Object help.

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