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Smoke from Object shelf tool

Creates a Smoke Object from SOP Geometry.

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This tool sets the initial smoke conditions in the box. It does not continuously generate smoke as a Source from volume does in a container. This tool can be used, for example, to generate a puff of smoke or dust from a collision.

Using Smoke from Object

  1. Create a Smoke Container with a geometry object inside.

  2. Select the geometry object to convert to a smoke object.


    The geometry object has to have volume to be a valid source for volume-based smoke. For example, this tool will not work on a curve.

  3. Click the Smoke from Object tool on the Volume Fluids tab.

  4. Select the container to set the initial conditions and press Enter to confirm your selection.

To...Do this

Change the display option of the simulation

Alter the options on the Guides tab of the Smoke Object. For specific parameter help see the Smoke Object node help.

Change the buoyancy rate

Alter the default Buoyancy Lift on the Forces tab of the Smoke Solver. This parameter controls the rise and fall of smoke.

Change the cooling rate

Alter the default Cooling Rate on the Forces tab of the Smoke Solver. This parameter controls how fast the temperature field trends to zero.

Make the smoke cold (and fall)

On the Volume Ramp node in your object, select the right-side handle of the Scalar Ramp scale and change the Value to -1.


The temperature does not work on any real world scale such as degrees or kelvins. Houdini works on the premise that 0 is neutral, a positive value is warm, and a negative value is cold.

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