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Hey y'all! Had a small roadblock and wanted to ask for some help. The goal is to get curves from Unreal to drive my terrain flattening/formation road tool, within my TOPS network. The issue I am having though is before even getting to unreal, and I am sure its just something dumb I am not seeing.

I've been following Kenny's Indie Gamedev tutorial series [] and am having an issue with the Geometry Import node not taking my Wedge attribute SOP path. The video I am getting issues on is the Multi-parms vid(#4)

I had noticed that Ari uses opinputpath in his geometry import tutorial [] but just wanted to ask if there was a proper method for me to go about.

Thanks so much for your help!
It's hard to say from screenshots what the problem is. Can you attach a .hip file that demonstrates the issue?
I had to recreate it, without my main network. But the error persists. Basically I can't call @curveasset on my geometry import node in the top network.

Thanks for taking the time to look through it! I appreciate you!
There are a few issues with your file. The first issue is that your expression has a typo -- it uses @curveassset but it should be @curvesasset instead. The second problem is that you're pointing the "SOP Path" parameter to an Object node, that contains another Object node. The path should really be pointed to a SOP instead -- `@curvesasset`/geo1 for example works as expected.
Just wanted to say thanks!

While that worked perfectly for my example project I sent in the 7zip file, it didn't work in my main network. With some slight troubleshooting based on what you had said, I added the output node to the path and it works fine for me now. So my final SOP path was: `@curvesasset`/geo1/output0

Really appreciate the help.
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