Houdini 19.0 hwebserver

hwebserver.registerWSGIApp function

Function used to register a wsgi capable application such as django to be used on a path prefix.

registerWSGIApp(application=(), path=None, ports=[])

This function allows you to hook in a wsgi capable application such as flask or django and use the houdini web server as the server backend.

import os
import hwebserver
import testsite.wsgi

hwebserver.registerWSGIApp(testsite.wsgi.application, "/")
hwebserver.run(8000, debug=True)


Currently multi part form requests are not fully supported with wsgi. If you need to use these requests you can continue to use hou url handlers.






  • WebSocket

    Base class for WebSocket support with the embedded server.

  • hwebserver.webSocket

    Decorator for registering WebSocket classes with Houdini’s web server.


  • hwebserver.apiFunction

    Decorator for functions that can be called through an API endpoint on Houdini’s web server, returning JSON or binary responses.

  • hwebserver.APIError

    Raise this exception in apiFunction handlers to indicate an error.