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CH_ChannelRef.h File Reference
#include "CH_API.h"
#include "CH_Types.h"
#include <UT/UT_Function.h>
#include <UT/UT_Map.h>
#include <UT/UT_String.h>
#include <UT/UT_StringHolder.h>
#include <iosfwd>
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class  CH_ChannelRef


typedef UT_Map< CH_ChannelRef,
unsigned > 
typedef UT_Function< bool(const
CH_ChannelRef &, unsigned
typedef UT_Function< void(const
CH_ChannelRef &)> 


size_t hash_value (const CH_ChannelRef &ref)
CH_API int CHdeleteRefsWithNodeId (CH_ChannelRefTable &ref_table, int node_id, const CH_ChannelRefQueryCallback &should_delete_callback=nullptr, const CH_ChannelRefCallback &pre_delete_callback=nullptr)
CH_API void CHaddFullChannelPath (const CH_ChannelRefTable &table, UT_StringArray &chan_paths, bool use_alias)
CH_API void CHaddExposedChannel (const CH_ChannelRefTable &table, CH_ChannelList &channels)
CH_API void CHaddExposedChanRef (const CH_ChannelRefTable &table, CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, unsigned mask)
CH_API int CHcompareChanRefs (const CH_ChannelRef *, const CH_ChannelRef *)
CH_API bool CHchannelsToChanRefs (const CH_ChannelList &channels, CH_ChannelRefList &refs)
CH_API bool CHchanRefsToChannels (const CH_ChannelRefList &refs, CH_ChannelList &channels)
CH_API void CHdisplayChanRefs (const CH_ChannelRefList &refs)
CH_API std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CH_ChannelRef &ref)
CH_API size_t format (char *buffer, size_t buffer_size, const CH_ChannelRef &v)
CH_API size_t format (char *buffer, size_t buffer_size, const CH_ChannelRefList &v)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 191 of file CH_ChannelRef.h.

CH_ChannelRefTable maintains a set of CH_ChannelRef's along with some flags that are from CH_ScopeMasks (see CH_Types.h)

Definition at line 188 of file CH_ChannelRef.h.

Function Documentation

CH_API void CHaddExposedChannel ( const CH_ChannelRefTable table,
CH_ChannelList channels 
CH_API void CHaddExposedChanRef ( const CH_ChannelRefTable table,
CH_ChannelRefList chanrefs,
unsigned  mask 
CH_API void CHaddFullChannelPath ( const CH_ChannelRefTable table,
UT_StringArray chan_paths,
bool  use_alias 
CH_API bool CHchannelsToChanRefs ( const CH_ChannelList channels,
CH_ChannelRefList refs 
CH_API bool CHchanRefsToChannels ( const CH_ChannelRefList refs,
CH_ChannelList channels 
CH_API int CHcompareChanRefs ( const CH_ChannelRef ,
const CH_ChannelRef  
CH_API int CHdeleteRefsWithNodeId ( CH_ChannelRefTable ref_table,
int  node_id,
const CH_ChannelRefQueryCallback should_delete_callback = nullptr,
const CH_ChannelRefCallback pre_delete_callback = nullptr 

Deletes all the symbols from the table that have the given node_id, returns the number of items deleted

CH_API void CHdisplayChanRefs ( const CH_ChannelRefList refs)
CH_API size_t format ( char *  buffer,
size_t  buffer_size,
const CH_ChannelRef v 
CH_API size_t format ( char *  buffer,
size_t  buffer_size,
const CH_ChannelRefList v 
size_t hash_value ( const CH_ChannelRef ref)

Definition at line 181 of file CH_ChannelRef.h.

CH_API std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const CH_ChannelRef ref