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Util.h File Reference
#include <MaterialXGenShader/Export.h>
#include <MaterialXCore/Document.h>
#include <unordered_set>
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MX_GENSHADER_API bool isTransparentSurface (ElementPtr element, const string &target=EMPTY_STRING)
MX_GENSHADER_API void mapValueToColor (ConstValuePtr value, Color4 &color)
MX_GENSHADER_API bool requiresImplementation (ConstNodeDefPtr nodeDef)
 Return whether a nodedef requires an implementation. More...
MX_GENSHADER_API bool elementRequiresShading (ConstTypedElementPtr element)
 Determine if a given element requires shading / lighting for rendering. More...
MX_GENSHADER_API void findRenderableMaterialNodes (ConstDocumentPtr doc, vector< TypedElementPtr > &elements, bool includeReferencedGraphs, std::unordered_set< ElementPtr > &processedSources)
MX_GENSHADER_API void findRenderableElements (ConstDocumentPtr doc, vector< TypedElementPtr > &elements, bool includeReferencedGraphs=false)
MX_GENSHADER_API InputPtr getNodeDefInput (InputPtr nodeInput, const string &target)
MX_GENSHADER_API void tokenSubstitution (const StringMap &substitutions, string &source)
MX_GENSHADER_API vector< Vector2getUdimCoordinates (const StringVec &udimIdentifiers)
MX_GENSHADER_API void getUdimScaleAndOffset (const vector< Vector2 > &udimCoordinates, Vector2 &scaleUV, Vector2 &offsetUV)
MX_GENSHADER_API NodePtr connectsToWorldSpaceNode (OutputPtr output)
MX_GENSHADER_API bool hasElementAttributes (OutputPtr output, const StringVec &attributes)

Detailed Description

Shader generation utility methods

Definition in file Util.h.

Function Documentation

MX_GENSHADER_API NodePtr connectsToWorldSpaceNode ( OutputPtr  output)

Determine whether the given output is directly connected to a node that generates world-space coordinates (e.g. the "normalmap" node).

outputOutput to check
Return the node if found.
MX_GENSHADER_API bool elementRequiresShading ( ConstTypedElementPtr  element)

Determine if a given element requires shading / lighting for rendering.

MX_GENSHADER_API void findRenderableElements ( ConstDocumentPtr  doc,
vector< TypedElementPtr > &  elements,
bool  includeReferencedGraphs = false 

Find any elements which may be renderable from within a document. This includes all outputs on node graphs and shader references which are not part of any included library. Light shaders are not considered to be renderable. The option to include node graphs referened by shader references is disabled by default.

MX_GENSHADER_API void findRenderableMaterialNodes ( ConstDocumentPtr  doc,
vector< TypedElementPtr > &  elements,
bool  includeReferencedGraphs,
std::unordered_set< ElementPtr > &  processedSources 

Find any material node elements which are renderable (have input shaders)

docDocument to examine
elementsList of renderable elements (returned)
includeReferencedGraphsWhether to check for outputs on referenced graphs
processedSourcesList of elements examined.
MX_GENSHADER_API InputPtr getNodeDefInput ( InputPtr  nodeInput,
const string target 

Given a node input, return the corresponding input within its matching nodedef. The optional target string can be used to guide the selection of nodedef declarations.

MX_GENSHADER_API vector<Vector2> getUdimCoordinates ( const StringVec udimIdentifiers)

Compute the UDIM coordinates for a set of UDIM identifiers

List of UDIM coordinates
MX_GENSHADER_API void getUdimScaleAndOffset ( const vector< Vector2 > &  udimCoordinates,
Vector2 scaleUV,
Vector2 offsetUV 

Get the UV scale and offset to transform uv coordinates from UDIM uv space to 0..1 space.

MX_GENSHADER_API bool hasElementAttributes ( OutputPtr  output,
const StringVec attributes 

Returns true if there is are any value elements with a given set of attributes either on the starting node or any graph upsstream of that node.

outputStarting node
attributesAttributes to test for
MX_GENSHADER_API bool isTransparentSurface ( ElementPtr  element,
const string target = EMPTY_STRING 

Returns true if the given element is a surface shader with the potential of beeing transparent. This can be used by HW shader generators to determine if a shader will require transparency handling.

Note: This function will check some common cases for how a surface shader can be transparent. It is not covering all possible cases for how transparency can be done and target applications might need to do additional checks to track transparency correctly. For example, custom surface shader nodes implemented in source code will not be tracked by this function and transprency for such nodes must be tracked separately by the target application.

MX_GENSHADER_API void mapValueToColor ( ConstValuePtr  value,
Color4 color 

Maps a value to a four channel color if it is of the appropriate type. Supported types include float, Vector2, Vector3, Vector4, and Color4. If not mapping is possible the color value is set to opaque black.

MX_GENSHADER_API bool requiresImplementation ( ConstNodeDefPtr  nodeDef)

Return whether a nodedef requires an implementation.

MX_GENSHADER_API void tokenSubstitution ( const StringMap substitutions,
string source 

Perform token substitutions on the given source string, using the given substituation map. Tokens are required to start with '$' and can only consist of alphanumeric characters. The full token name, including '$' and all following alphanumeric character, will be replaced by the corresponding string in the substitution map, if the token exists in the map.