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CH_ScopedChannels Class Referencefinal

#include <CH_Manager.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for CH_ScopedChannels:

Public Member Functions

 CH_ScopedChannels (CH_Manager *mgr, bool global=false)
 ~CH_ScopedChannels ()
 CH_ScopedChannels (const CH_ScopedChannels &src)
CH_ScopedChannelsoperator= (const CH_ScopedChannels &src)
 CH_ScopedChannels (CH_ScopedChannels &&src) noexcept
CH_ScopedChannelsoperator= (CH_ScopedChannels &&src) noexcept
void saveForUndo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CH_ScopedChannelsBase
 CH_ScopedChannelsBase (CH_Manager *mgr)
bool scopeChannelInternal (const CH_Channel *chp, bool on_off)
bool scopeChannelInternal (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool on_off)
void scopeChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool on_off)
void scopeChannel (const char *full_chan_path, bool on_off)
void unscopeChannelsWithNodeId (int node_id, bool force=false)
void scopeChanged (unsigned flags, bool propagate=true)
bool isChannelScoped (CH_Channel *chp) const
bool isChannelScoped (const char *full_chan_path) const
bool isChannelScoped (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool isChannelDisplayed (CH_Channel *chp) const
bool isChannelDisplayed (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool isChannelDisplayed (const char *full_chan_path) const
void clearDisplayedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void displayAllScopedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void displaySelectedScopedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void displayChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void displayChannel (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void undisplayChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void undisplayChannel (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void undisplayChannelsWithNodeId (int node_id, bool force=false)
bool isChannelSelected (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool isChannelSelected (const char *full_chan_path) const
void clearSelectedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void selectAllScopedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void selectChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void selectChannel (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void deselectChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void deselectChannel (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void togglePinAllScopedChannels ()
void togglePinScopedChannels (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs)
void pinAllScopedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void unpinAllScopedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void pinSelectedChannels (bool propagate=true, int operate_on=CH_SELECTED)
void unpinSelectedChannels (bool propagate=true, int operate_on=CH_SELECTED)
void pinChannels (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, bool propagate=true)
void unpinChannels (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, bool propagate=true)
void pinChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &ref, bool propagate=true)
void unpinChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &ref, bool propagate=true)
void unpinChannelsWithNodeId (int node_id, bool force=false)
void clearPinnedChannels (bool propagate=true)
void clearLayerScope ()
bool isLayerScoped (CH_Channel *chp) const
bool isLayerScoped (const char *full_chan_path) const
bool isLayerScoped (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
void scopeLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool on_off)
void scopeLayer (const char *full_chan_path, bool on_off)
bool scopeLayerInternal (CH_Channel *chp, bool on_off)
bool scopeLayerInternal (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool on_off)
bool isLayerSelected (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool isLayerSelected (const char *full_chan_path) const
void clearSelectedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void selectAllScopedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void selectLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void selectLayer (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void deselectLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void deselectLayer (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void togglePinAllScopedLayers ()
void togglePinScopedLayers (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs)
void pinAllScopedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void unpinAllScopedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void pinSelectedLayers (bool propagate=true, int operate_on=CH_LAYER_SELECTED)
void unpinSelectedLayers (bool propagate=true, int operate_on=CH_LAYER_SELECTED)
void pinLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &ref, bool propagate=true)
void unpinLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &ref, bool propagate=true)
void pinLayers (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, bool propagate=true)
void unpinLayers (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, bool propagate=true)
void clearPinnedLayers (bool propagate=true)
bool isLayerDisplayed (CH_Channel *chp) const
bool isLayerDisplayed (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool isLayerDisplayed (const char *full_chan_path) const
void clearDisplayedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void displayAllScopedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void displaySelectedScopedLayers (bool propagate=true)
void displayLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void displayLayer (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void undisplayLayer (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void undisplayLayer (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
bool isGraphSelected (CH_Channel *chp) const
bool isGraphSelected (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool isGraphSelected (const char *full_chan_path) const
void clearGraphSelected (bool propagate=true)
void selectGraph (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void selectGraph (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void deselectGraph (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, bool propagate=true)
void deselectGraph (const char *full_chan_path, bool propagate=true)
void setChannelFlags (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, unsigned flags, bool on_off, bool propagate=true)
void setAllChannelFlags (const CH_ChannelRef &chref, unsigned flags, bool propagate=true)
unsigned getChannelFlags (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
void clearChannelScope (bool clear_all_tables=false)
void getScopedChannels (CH_ChannelList &channels, bool sorted=false)
int getNumScopedChanRefs ()
int getNumScopedChanRefs (bool filtered)
void getScopedChanRefs (CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, unsigned mask=0, bool sorted=false) const
void getSelectedScopedChanRefs (CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs, bool sorted=false, int operate_on=CH_SELECTED)
void getScopedChannelsKeyFrames (UT_IntArray &frames, int minframe, int maxframe)
bool hasScopedChannels ()
bool getKeepChannelListSelection () const
void setKeepChannelListSelection (bool b)
void setEnableFilter (FilterType filter_type, bool b)
bool getEnableFilter (FilterType filter_type) const
void setFilter (FilterType filter_type, const UT_StringHolder &f)
const UT_StringHoldergetFilter (FilterType filter_type) const
void setFilterTranslates (bool b)
bool getFilterTranslates () const
void setFilterRotates (bool b)
bool getFilterRotates () const
void setFilterScales (bool b)
bool getFilterScales () const
void setFilterParmLabels (FilterType filter_type, bool b)
bool getFilterParmLabels (FilterType filter_type) const
void setFilterFullNames (FilterType filter_type, bool b)
bool getFilterFullNames (FilterType filter_type) const
void setFilterDirty (FilterType filter_type)
void setAllowExternal (bool allow)
bool getAllowExternal () const
bool hasFilter () const
void clearInvalidChannels ()
void dirtySort ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CH_ScopedChannelsBase
enum  FilterType { FilterChannels = 0, FilterAnimationLayers = 1 }
enum  { NumFilterType = 2 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CH_ScopedChannelsBase
SYS_FORCE_INLINE CH_ManagerourManager () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 432 of file CH_Manager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CH_ScopedChannels::CH_ScopedChannels ( CH_Manager mgr,
bool  global = false 
CH_ScopedChannels::~CH_ScopedChannels ( )
CH_ScopedChannels::CH_ScopedChannels ( const CH_ScopedChannels src)

Definition at line 440 of file CH_Manager.h.

CH_ScopedChannels::CH_ScopedChannels ( CH_ScopedChannels &&  src)

Member Function Documentation

CH_ScopedChannels& CH_ScopedChannels::operator= ( const CH_ScopedChannels src)

Definition at line 449 of file CH_Manager.h.

CH_ScopedChannels& CH_ScopedChannels::operator= ( CH_ScopedChannels &&  src)
void CH_ScopedChannels::saveForUndo ( )

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