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DM_InputSelector Class Referenceabstract

#include <DM_InputSelector.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for DM_InputSelector:

Public Member Functions

 DM_InputSelector (BM_View &viewer, PI_SelectorTemplate &templ)
 ~DM_InputSelector () override
const char * className () const override
virtual void generateAllSelectionStrings (UT_String &sel_string, bool only_one_gdp, bool force_numeric, bool consume_selections)
virtual void commitViewportPreSelection (UI_Event *event, GU_SelectionRule sel_rule)
virtual void getSelectableLooks (GUI_DetailList &look_list)
virtual UI_Feel * getCustomToolbox () const
virtual void getKeyResolveInfo (UI_KeyResolveInfo &info)=0
virtual int handleKeyEvent (int key, UI_Event *event, DM_Viewport &viewport)=0
virtual UI_Menu * getSelectorMenu () const =0
virtual UI_Menu * getSelectorHotkeyMenu () const
virtual bool handleTransitoryKey (const UI_Event &event, int)
primMask () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BM_InputSelector
 BM_InputSelector (BM_View &viewer, PI_SelectorTemplate &templ)
 ~BM_InputSelector () override
virtual int handleMouseEvent (UI_Event *event)
virtual int handleMouseWheelEvent (UI_Event *event)
virtual bool handleDoubleClickEvent (UI_Event *event)
virtual void handleNodeDeleted (OP_Node &node)
PI_SelectorTemplategetTemplate ()
const PI_SelectorTemplategetTemplate () const
virtual void setViewer (BM_View *viewer)
virtual void doRender (RE_Render *r, int x, int y, int ghost)
virtual void overlayRender (RE_Render *r, int x, int y)
void initializeUI ()
virtual int hasLocates () const
virtual void startSelecting ()
virtual void stopSelecting ()
virtual const char * cursor () const
virtual bool getStateParmNames (UT_StringArray &ret, const char *prefix=nullptr)
virtual bool evalStateParm (const char *name, UT_StringHolder &ret)
virtual bool setStateParm (const char *name, const UT_StringHolder &val)
virtual bool pressStateButton (const char *name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
 AP_Interface ()
 AP_Interface (const char *myname, const char *const *names, UI_EventMethod const *methods)
 ~AP_Interface () override
const char * className () const override
const UT_StringgetName () const
 Return the name passed in the constructor. More...
void wireInterface (UI_Manager *uims)
void unwireInterface (UI_Manager *uims)
bool readUIFile (const char *ui_filename, bool quiet=false)
bool readPreferenceFile (const char *pref_filename, bool quiet=false)
void setValueSymbol (const char *symbol, UI_Value *value, bool warn=true)
UI_ValuefindValueSymbol (const char *symbol) const
 Find the UI_Value for the given named value symbol. More...
UI_ValuegetValueSymbol (const char *symbol, int create=1)
int getValueSymbols (UT_StringArray &symbols, UT_Array< UI_Value * > &values) const
void setObjectSymbol (const char *symbol, UI_Object *who, int warn=1)
UI_ObjectgetObjectSymbol (const char *symbol) const
UI_Feel * getFeelSymbol (const char *symbol) const
UI_Feel * findValueFeel (UI_Value *value) const
int getFeelSymbols (UT_StringArray &symbols, UT_Array< UI_Feel * > &feels) const
void setKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol, UI_KeyDelegateSPtr delegate, bool warn=true)
bool hasKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol) const
 Returns whether the current key delegate symbol is defined. More...
UI_KeyDelegateSPtr findKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol) const
 Find the UI_KeyDelegate for the given named key delegate symbol. More...
UI_KeyDelegateSPtr getKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol, int create=1)
void removeObjectSymbol (const char *symbol)
 Delete the entry for the given object symbol name. More...
void removeValueSymbol (const char *symbol)
 Delete the entry for the given value symbol name. More...
template<typename T >
TfindObject (const char *name) const
template<typename T >
TfindValue (const char *name) const
void resetApplication ()
void handleEvent (UI_Event *event) override
virtual int saveAppData (const char *filename)
virtual int loadAppState ()
virtual int saveAppState ()
virtual void saveOnCoreDump ()
virtual bool getCoreDumpFileName (UT_WorkBuffer &name)
bool loadUIInitPrefs ()
void saveUIInitPrefs (const char *layout_level, fpreal uiscale, int playbarui)
bool restoreUIInitPrefs ()
bool getFunctionKeyScript (int key, UI_Event *event, UT_String &script)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
 UI_Object ()
virtual ~UI_Object ()
 UI_Object (const UI_Object &)=delete
UI_Objectoperator= (const UI_Object &)=delete
virtual int interestingEvent (UI_EventType t, UI_DeviceEvent *event) const
virtual void deleteReferences (UI_Object *to_whom)
UI_ObjectgetParent () const
void setParent (UI_Object *p)
bool isAncestor (const UI_Object *who) const
void addDependent (UI_Object *who)
bool removeDependent (UI_Object *who)
bool replaceDependent (UI_Object *who, UI_Object *with)
bool isDependent (UI_Object *who) const
bool hasDependents () const
const UI_ObjectListdependents () const
void sendEvent (const UI_Event &e) const
void distributeEvent (UI_Event *event, int upwards)
void relayEvent (UI_Event *event, UI_Object *target)
void generateEvent (UI_EventType t, UI_Object *target)
void purgeEvents (UI_EventType t, UI_Object *target, UI_EventMethod method=0)
void triggerImmediateEvent (UI_Event *event, int upwards)
int getProxyId ()
void bumpQueueCount (int dir)
void setName (const char *symbolName)
const char * getName () const
void buildFullPath (UT_WorkBuffer &string) const
void debugQueueEventsFor (const UI_Value *value, const char *name, UI_EventType t=UI_EVENT_NO_EVENT) const
const UI_ValueListvalueInterests () const
void interestedInValue (UI_Value *)
void removeValueInterest (UI_Value *)
void addKeyDelegateClientship (UI_KeyDelegate *)
void removeKeyDelegateClientship (UI_KeyDelegate *)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
static FILE * createPreferenceFile (const char *filename)
static int mapStrToInt (const char *label, const std::pair< const char *, int > *map)
static const char * mapIntToStr (int index, const std::pair< const char *, int > *map)
static void setAppExitCode (int exit_code)
static int getAppExitCode ()
static bool isAppExiting ()
 Returns true if the application is exiting. More...
static const char * getStartupDesktop ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
static UI_ManagergetManager ()
static UI_Queue * getInputQueue ()
static int keycmp (const char *, int key)
static int keycmp (const char *, int key, const UI_HotkeyEcho &)
static void keyEcho (const char *, const UI_HotkeyEcho &)
static void actionKeyEcho (const char *, const char *custom_suffix=0)
static void toggleKeyEcho (const char *, bool new_value)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AP_Interface
static const std::pair< const
char *, int
theFileChooserStyleMap []
 Menu items and their mapping for file chooser style preference. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BM_InputSelector
BM_View & baseViewer ()
const BM_View & baseViewer () const
void initApplication (UI_Manager *, int, const char **) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
UI_NamedValueMapgetValueTable () const
UI_NamedObjectMapgetObjectTable () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
UI_ObjectListdependents ()
virtual void preTerminateCallback ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
static void setAppForeground ()
static void setTheMainApplication (AP_Interface *app)
static AP_InterfacegetMainApplication ()
static void loadWindowGeometry (UI_Window *window, bool default_maximized, bool use_pref)
static bool getWindowGeometry (int &width, int &height, int &left, int &bottom, bool &maximized, bool use_pref)
static bool getSaveWindowGeoPref ()
static void saveWindowGeoPref ()
static bool loadWindowGeoPref (int &w, int &h, int &left, int &bottom, bool &maximized)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AP_Interface
UT_String myName
const char *constmyValueNames
UI_EventMethod constmyMethods

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file DM_InputSelector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DM_InputSelector::DM_InputSelector ( BM_View &  viewer,
PI_SelectorTemplate templ 
DM_InputSelector::~DM_InputSelector ( )

Member Function Documentation

const char* DM_InputSelector::className ( ) const
virtual void DM_InputSelector::commitViewportPreSelection ( UI_Event event,
GU_SelectionRule  sel_rule 

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

virtual void DM_InputSelector::generateAllSelectionStrings ( UT_String sel_string,
bool  only_one_gdp,
bool  force_numeric,
bool  consume_selections 

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

virtual UI_Feel* DM_InputSelector::getCustomToolbox ( ) const

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelectorBase.

Definition at line 51 of file DM_InputSelector.h.

virtual void DM_InputSelector::getKeyResolveInfo ( UI_KeyResolveInfo &  info)
pure virtual

Implemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

virtual void DM_InputSelector::getSelectableLooks ( GUI_DetailList look_list)

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

virtual UI_Menu* DM_InputSelector::getSelectorHotkeyMenu ( ) const

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

Definition at line 62 of file DM_InputSelector.h.

virtual UI_Menu* DM_InputSelector::getSelectorMenu ( ) const
pure virtual

Implemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

virtual int DM_InputSelector::handleKeyEvent ( int  key,
UI_Event event,
DM_Viewport &  viewport 
pure virtual

Implemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

virtual bool DM_InputSelector::handleTransitoryKey ( const UI_Event event,

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelectorBase, and OP3D_InputSelector.

Definition at line 65 of file DM_InputSelector.h.

virtual GEO_PrimTypeCompat::TypeMask DM_InputSelector::primMask ( ) const

Reimplemented in OP3D_InputSelector.

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