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GT_PrimVDB Class Reference

#include <GT_PrimVDB.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GT_PrimVDB:

Public Member Functions

 GT_PrimVDB (const GU_ConstDetailHandle &gdh, const GEO_Primitive *prim)
 ~GT_PrimVDB () override
int getPrimitiveType () const override
const char * className () const override
bool isLevelSet () const
bool isVolume () const
bool isInvisible () const
exint getLeafCoords (UT_Vector3FArray &coords, UT_Int16Array &masks) const
GT_PrimitiveHandle getPointPrimitive () const
GEO_PrimVolumeXform getVolumeTransform () const
GEO_PrimVolumeXform getVolumeIndexTransform () const
UT_Vector3I getRes () const
const GT_ViewportRefineOptionsviewportRefineOptions () const override
 Viewport refinement options – changes on LOD. More...
bool refine (GT_Refine &refiner, const GT_RefineParms *parms=NULL) const override
void enlargeBounds (UT_BoundingBox boxes[], int nsegments) const override
int getMotionSegments () const override
int64 getMemoryUsage () const override
GT_PrimitiveHandle doSoftCopy () const override
bool updateGeoPrim (const GU_ConstDetailHandle &dtl, const GT_RefineParms &refine) override
 update any cached data for geometry and its attributes More...
GA_Offset getPrimitiveOffset () const
GA_Offset getPointOffset () const
UT_Vector3F getPrimColor () const
GT_TransformHandle getGridTransform ()
void setUniformAttributes (const GT_AttributeListHandle &uniform)
 Set the list of uniform attributes. More...
const GT_AttributeListHandlegetUniformAttributes () const override
openvdb::GridBase * 
getGrid ()
const GEO_PrimVDBgetGeoPrimitive () const
const GU_ConstDetailHandlegetDetail () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GT_Primitive
 GT_Primitive ()
 GT_Primitive (const GT_Primitive &src)
virtual ~GT_Primitive ()
virtual bool getUniqueID (int64 &id) const
virtual void enlargeRenderBounds (UT_BoundingBox boxes[], int nsegments) const
virtual void getVelocityRange (UT_Vector3 &min, UT_Vector3 &max, const UT_StringRef &attribute_name=GA_Names::v) const
const GT_TransformHandlegetPrimitiveTransform () const
void setPrimitiveTransform (const GT_TransformHandle &x)
 Set the transform for a the primitive. More...
GT_PrimitiveHandle clone () const
virtual bool hasDataArray (const UT_StringRef &name, GT_Owner owner_scope[], int num_owners, GT_Storage *storage=NULL, GT_Size *tuple_size=NULL) const
void setStaticGeometry (bool static_geo)
 Return true if the primitive represents geometry at frame 'fr'. More...
bool isStaticGeometry () const
bool isFrameInfoAvailable () const
bool getDataIdHash (int64 &hash, int segment=0, bool cache_data_id=false) const
virtual bool getTopologyVersion (int64 &version) const
 Returns the topology version for the primitive. More...
GT_DataArrayHandle findAttribute (const UT_StringRef &name, GT_Owner &owner, int segment) const
void dumpAttributeLists (const char *label, bool data_too) const
 print out all attribute lists More...
void dumpPrimitive () const
bool saveAttributeLists (UT_JSONWriter &w) const
virtual bool save (UT_JSONWriter &w) const
GT_PrimitiveHandle harden () const
GT_PrimitiveHandle copyTransformed (const GT_TransformHandle &x, bool force=false) const
void refineCopyTransformFrom (const GT_Primitive &src)
GT_PrimitiveHandle attributeMerge (const GT_Primitive &src, const UT_StringMMPattern *vertex_pattern, const UT_StringMMPattern *point_pattern, const UT_StringMMPattern *uniform_pattern, const UT_StringMMPattern *detail_pattern) const
virtual GT_PrimitiveHandle doHarden () const
virtual GT_PrimitiveHandle doAttributeMerge (const GT_Primitive &src, const UT_StringMMPattern *vertex, const UT_StringMMPattern *point, const UT_StringMMPattern *uniform, const UT_StringMMPattern *detail) const
 The virtual implementation of attribute merging. More...
bool enlargeWidth (UT_BoundingBox boxes[], int nsegments, fpreal defwidth=-1) const
virtual const
getPointAttributes () const
virtual const
getVertexAttributes () const
virtual const
getDetailAttributes () const
const GT_AttributeListHandlegetAttributeList (GT_Owner owner) const
virtual const GT_DataArrayHandlegetVertexList () const
virtual GT_DataArrayHandle createPointNormals (int segment=0, const UT_StringRef &P=GA_Names::P, bool normalize=true, const fpreal32 *pntdata=NULL, GT_Storage store=GT_STORE_REAL32) const
virtual fpreal computePerimeter (int seg=0) const
virtual fpreal computeSurfaceArea (int seg=0) const
virtual fpreal computeVolume (const UT_Vector3 &ref_P, int seg=0) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_IntrusiveRefCounter< GT_Primitive >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_IntrusiveRefCounter () noexcept
 Default constructor: Sets counter to 0. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_IntrusiveRefCounter (const UT_IntrusiveRefCounter &) noexcept
 Copy constructor: Sets counter to 0. More...
UT_IntrusiveRefCounteroperator= (const UT_IntrusiveRefCounter &) noexcept
 Assignment operator: Does not modify counter. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint32 use_count () const noexcept
 Return current counter. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool conditionalAddRef () noexcept

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GT_Primitive
static int createPrimitiveTypeId ()
static GT_AttributeListHandle mergeAttributeLists (bool &changed, const GT_AttributeListHandle &src, const GT_AttributeListHandle &merge, const UT_StringMMPattern *pattern, const UT_StringMMPattern *alternate=NULL)
static bool computeVelocityRange (UT_Vector3 &vmin, UT_Vector3 &vmax, const GT_DataArrayHandle &v)
static GT_PrimitiveHandle refineDetail (const GU_ConstDetailHandle &detail, const GT_RefineParms *parms)
static GT_PrimitiveHandle refinePrimitive (const GT_PrimitiveHandle &primh, const GT_RefineParms *parms)
static voidoperator new (size_t size)
static voidoperator new (size_t size, void *p)
static void operator delete (void *p, size_t size)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GT_Primitive
void enlargeP (UT_BoundingBox &box, const GT_AttributeListHandle &list, int segment) const
void enlargeP (UT_BoundingBox &B, const GT_DataArrayHandle &P) const
 Convenience method to enlarge a bounding box given a position attribute. More...
void enlargePw (UT_BoundingBox &B, const GT_DataArrayHandle &P) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_IntrusiveRefCounter< GT_Primitive >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE ~UT_IntrusiveRefCounter ()
 Destructor: Only derived classes can destruct this. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GT_PrimVDB::GT_PrimVDB ( const GU_ConstDetailHandle gdh,
const GEO_Primitive prim 
GT_PrimVDB::~GT_PrimVDB ( )

Member Function Documentation

const char* GT_PrimVDB::className ( ) const

Implements GT_Primitive.

Definition at line 34 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

GT_PrimitiveHandle GT_PrimVDB::doSoftCopy ( ) const

Create a copy of the primitive, referencing all the source data This can return a NULL pointer, but it would be better to implement it properly.

Implements GT_Primitive.

Definition at line 66 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

void GT_PrimVDB::enlargeBounds ( UT_BoundingBox  boxes[],
int  nsegments 
) const

An array of bounding boxes is passed in. There is a bounding box for each segement. Each bounding box should be enlarged appropriately.

Implements GT_Primitive.

const GU_ConstDetailHandle& GT_PrimVDB::getDetail ( ) const

Definition at line 91 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

const GEO_PrimVDB* GT_PrimVDB::getGeoPrimitive ( ) const

Definition at line 90 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

SYS_FORCE_INLINE const openvdb::GridBase* GT_PrimVDB::getGrid ( )

Definition at line 88 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

GT_TransformHandle GT_PrimVDB::getGridTransform ( )
exint GT_PrimVDB::getLeafCoords ( UT_Vector3FArray coords,
UT_Int16Array masks 
) const
int64 GT_PrimVDB::getMemoryUsage ( ) const

Return an approximate memory usage. Since data may be shared, this will always be an over-estimation.

Implements GT_Primitive.

Definition at line 64 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

int GT_PrimVDB::getMotionSegments ( ) const

Return the number of motion segments defined on the geometry By default, this simply returns the number of segments on P.

Implements GT_Primitive.

Definition at line 63 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

GA_Offset GT_PrimVDB::getPointOffset ( ) const

Definition at line 73 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

GT_PrimitiveHandle GT_PrimVDB::getPointPrimitive ( ) const

Returns a GT_PrimPointMesh with 1 point containing the VDB's 1 point. Contains all of the VDBs attributes as point or uniform attributes.

UT_Vector3F GT_PrimVDB::getPrimColor ( ) const

Definition at line 74 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

GA_Offset GT_PrimVDB::getPrimitiveOffset ( ) const

Definition at line 72 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

int GT_PrimVDB::getPrimitiveType ( ) const

Return the primitive type. By default this returns GT_PRIM_UNDEFINED,

Reimplemented from GT_Primitive.

Definition at line 31 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

UT_Vector3I GT_PrimVDB::getRes ( ) const
const GT_AttributeListHandle& GT_PrimVDB::getUniformAttributes ( ) const

Virtual methods to access the attribute data for primitives Some primitives may not implement these methods, in which case, the returned value will be an empty list.

Reimplemented from GT_Primitive.

Definition at line 84 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

GEO_PrimVolumeXform GT_PrimVDB::getVolumeIndexTransform ( ) const
GEO_PrimVolumeXform GT_PrimVDB::getVolumeTransform ( ) const
bool GT_PrimVDB::isInvisible ( ) const

Definition at line 38 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

bool GT_PrimVDB::isLevelSet ( ) const

Definition at line 36 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

bool GT_PrimVDB::isVolume ( ) const

Definition at line 37 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

bool GT_PrimVDB::refine ( GT_Refine refiner,
const GT_RefineParms parms = NULL 
) const

Refine the primitive.

  • refiner
    The refiner object is responsible for processing primitives, and also giving the primitive hints on how to refine itself. The method should returns true if new primitives were added to the refiner.

Reimplemented from GT_Primitive.

void GT_PrimVDB::setUniformAttributes ( const GT_AttributeListHandle uniform)

Set the list of uniform attributes.

Definition at line 79 of file GT_PrimVDB.h.

bool GT_PrimVDB::updateGeoPrim ( const GU_ConstDetailHandle dtl,
const GT_RefineParms parms 

update any cached data for geometry and its attributes

Reimplemented from GT_Primitive.

const GT_ViewportRefineOptions& GT_PrimVDB::viewportRefineOptions ( ) const

Viewport refinement options – changes on LOD.

Reimplemented from GT_Primitive.

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