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GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache Class Reference

#include <GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils.h>

Public Member Functions

bool reset (const GU_Detail &base_shape, const GU_AgentRig &rig, const GU_AgentShapeLib &shapelib)
exint numInputs () const
 Returns the number of blendshape inputs. More...
exint inputChannelIndex (exint i) const
 Returns the GU_AgentRig channel index for the specified input. More...
const UT_StringHolderprimaryShapeName (exint i) const
 Returns the name of the primary target shape for the specified channel. More...
void getInBetweenShapes (exint i, UT_StringArray &shape_names, FloatArray &shape_weights) const
void getShapes (exint i, FloatType w, UT_Array< const GU_Detail * > &shapes, FloatArray &weights) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils.h.

Member Function Documentation

void GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache::getInBetweenShapes ( exint  i,
UT_StringArray shape_names,
FloatArray shape_weights 
) const

Returns the names and weights of the in-between target shapes for the specific channel (i.e. shapes with weight 0 or 1 are skipped).

void GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache::getShapes ( exint  i,
FloatType  w,
UT_Array< const GU_Detail * > &  shapes,
FloatArray weights 
) const

Appends to the provided list of shapes and weights, given an input index and weight value. When there are in-between shapes this selects the appropriate pair of shapes to blend between based on the provided weight.

exint GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache::inputChannelIndex ( exint  i) const

Returns the GU_AgentRig channel index for the specified input.

Definition at line 70 of file GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils.h.

exint GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache::numInputs ( ) const

Returns the number of blendshape inputs.

Definition at line 67 of file GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils.h.

const UT_StringHolder& GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache::primaryShapeName ( exint  i) const

Returns the name of the primary target shape for the specified channel.

bool GU_AgentBlendShapeUtils::InputCache::reset ( const GU_Detail base_shape,
const GU_AgentRig rig,
const GU_AgentShapeLib shapelib 

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