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GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock Class Reference

#include <GU_DetailHandle.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock:

Public Member Functions

 GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock (const GU_DetailHandle &handle)
 ~GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock ()
bool isValid () const
GU_DetailgetGdp () const
GU_Detailoperator-> () const
GU_Detailoperator* () const
const GU_DetailHandlehandle () const
SYS_SAFE_BOOL operator bool () const
 Safe-bool operator to return whether the handle is valid. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_NonCopyableNS::UT_NonCopyable
 UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 ~UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 UT_NonCopyable (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete
UT_NonCopyableoperator= (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete

Detailed Description

NOTE: Locking is no longer encouraged, and never was enforced. Use .gdpNC() instead (after ensuring uniqueness)

RAY/RAY_DemoFile.C, SIM/SIM_ForceOrbit.C, SIM/SNOW_Solver.C, and SOP/SOP_BouncyAgent.C.

Definition at line 319 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock ( const GU_DetailHandle handle)

Definition at line 323 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::~GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock ( )

Definition at line 328 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

Member Function Documentation

GU_Detail* GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::getGdp ( ) const

Definition at line 334 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

const GU_DetailHandle& GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::handle ( ) const

Definition at line 337 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

bool GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::isValid ( ) const

Definition at line 333 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

SYS_SAFE_BOOL GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::operator bool ( ) const

Safe-bool operator to return whether the handle is valid.

Definition at line 340 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

GU_Detail& GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::operator* ( ) const

Definition at line 336 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

GU_Detail* GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock::operator-> ( ) const

Definition at line 335 of file GU_DetailHandle.h.

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