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HOM_StickyNote Class Referenceabstract

#include <HOM_StickyNote.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HOM_StickyNote:

Public Member Functions

 HOM_StickyNote ()
 HOM_StickyNote (const HOM_StickyNote &sticky_note)
 ~HOM_StickyNote () override
virtual std::string __repr__ ()=0
virtual int __hash__ () override=0
virtual bool operator== (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_StickyNote > stickynote)=0
virtual bool operator!= (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_StickyNote > stickynote)=0
virtual std::string text ()=0
virtual void setText (const char *new_text)=0
virtual float textSize ()=0
virtual void setTextSize (float size)=0
virtual HOM_Color textColor ()=0
virtual void setTextColor (HOM_Color &color)=0
virtual bool drawBackground ()=0
virtual void setDrawBackground (bool on)=0
virtual void setBounds (const HOM_BoundingRect &bounds)=0
virtual void setSize (const std::vector< double > &size)=0
virtual void resize (const std::vector< double > &amount)=0
virtual HOM_Vector2 minimizedSize ()=0
virtual HOM_Vector2 restoredSize ()=0
virtual bool isMinimized ()=0
virtual void setMinimized (bool on)=0
virtual void destroy ()=0
virtual std::string asCode (bool brief=false, bool recurse=false, bool save_box_contents=false, bool save_channels_only=false, bool save_creation_commands=true, bool save_keys_in_frames=false, bool save_parm_values_only=false, bool save_spare_parms=false, const char *function_name=NULL)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOM_NetworkMovableItem
 HOM_NetworkMovableItem (HOM_EnumValue &network_item_type)
 HOM_NetworkMovableItem (const HOM_NetworkMovableItem &src)
 ~HOM_NetworkMovableItem () override
virtual std::string name ()=0
virtual void setName (const char *name, bool unique_name=false)=0
virtual int digitsInName ()=0
virtual std::string path ()=0
virtual std::string relativePathTo (HOM_NetworkMovableItem &base_item)=0
virtual bool isSelected ()=0
virtual void setSelected (bool on, bool clear_all_selected=false, bool show_asset_if_selected=false)=0
virtual HOM_Color color ()=0
virtual void setColor (HOM_Color &color)=0
virtual HOM_Vector2 size ()=0
virtual HOM_Vector2 position ()=0
virtual void setPosition (const std::vector< double > &position)=0
virtual void move (const std::vector< double > &amount)=0
virtual HOM_Nodeparent ()=0
virtual HOM_NetworkBoxparentNetworkBox ()=0
virtual int64 sessionId ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOM_NetworkItem
 HOM_NetworkItem (HOM_EnumValue &network_item_type)
 HOM_NetworkItem (const HOM_NetworkItem &src)
virtual ~HOM_NetworkItem ()
HOM_EnumValuenetworkItemType ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file HOM_StickyNote.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HOM_StickyNote::HOM_StickyNote ( )

Definition at line 26 of file HOM_StickyNote.h.

HOM_StickyNote::HOM_StickyNote ( const HOM_StickyNote sticky_note)

Definition at line 29 of file HOM_StickyNote.h.

HOM_StickyNote::~HOM_StickyNote ( )

Definition at line 32 of file HOM_StickyNote.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int HOM_StickyNote::__hash__ ( )
overridepure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_StickyNote::__repr__ ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_StickyNote::asCode ( bool  brief = false,
bool  recurse = false,
bool  save_box_contents = false,
bool  save_channels_only = false,
bool  save_creation_commands = true,
bool  save_keys_in_frames = false,
bool  save_parm_values_only = false,
bool  save_spare_parms = false,
const char *  function_name = NULL 
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::destroy ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_StickyNote::drawBackground ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_StickyNote::isMinimized ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_Vector2 HOM_StickyNote::minimizedSize ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_StickyNote::operator!= ( HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_StickyNote stickynote)
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_StickyNote::operator== ( HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_StickyNote stickynote)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::resize ( const std::vector< double > &  amount)
pure virtual
virtual HOM_Vector2 HOM_StickyNote::restoredSize ( )
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setBounds ( const HOM_BoundingRect bounds)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setDrawBackground ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setMinimized ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setSize ( const std::vector< double > &  size)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setText ( const char *  new_text)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setTextColor ( HOM_Color color)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_StickyNote::setTextSize ( float  size)
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_StickyNote::text ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_Color HOM_StickyNote::textColor ( )
pure virtual
virtual float HOM_StickyNote::textSize ( )
pure virtual

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