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HdCameraSchema Class Reference

#include <cameraSchema.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdCameraSchema:


class  Builder

Public Member Functions

 HdCameraSchema (HdContainerDataSourceHandle container)
HD_API HdTokenDataSourceHandle GetProjection ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetHorizontalAperture ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetVerticalAperture ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetHorizontalApertureOffset ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetVerticalApertureOffset ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetFocalLength ()
HD_API HdVec2fDataSourceHandle GetClippingRange ()
HD_API HdVec4dArrayDataSourceHandle GetClippingPlanes ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetFStop ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetFocusDistance ()
HD_API HdDoubleDataSourceHandle GetShutterOpen ()
HD_API HdDoubleDataSourceHandle GetShutterClose ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetExposure ()
HD_API HdBoolDataSourceHandle GetFocusOn ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetDofAspect ()
HD_API HdSplitDiopterSchema GetSplitDiopter ()
HD_API HdLensDistortionSchema GetLensDistortion ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdSchema
 HdSchema (HdContainerDataSourceHandle container)
HD_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle GetContainer ()
 Returns the container data source that this schema is interpreting. More...
HD_API bool IsDefined () const
 operator bool () const

Static Public Member Functions

static HD_API
BuildRetained (const HdTokenDataSourceHandle &projection, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &horizontalAperture, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &verticalAperture, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &horizontalApertureOffset, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &verticalApertureOffset, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &focalLength, const HdVec2fDataSourceHandle &clippingRange, const HdVec4dArrayDataSourceHandle &clippingPlanes, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &fStop, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &focusDistance, const HdDoubleDataSourceHandle &shutterOpen, const HdDoubleDataSourceHandle &shutterClose, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &exposure, const HdBoolDataSourceHandle &focusOn, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &dofAspect, const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &splitDiopter, const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &lensDistortion)
static HD_API HdCameraSchema GetFromParent (const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &fromParentContainer)
static HD_API const TfTokenGetSchemaToken ()
static HD_API const
GetDefaultLocator ()
static HD_API
BuildProjectionDataSource (const TfToken &projection)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdSchema
template<typename T >
T::Handle _GetTypedDataSource (TfToken name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from HdSchema
HdContainerDataSourceHandle _container

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file cameraSchema.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HdCameraSchema::HdCameraSchema ( HdContainerDataSourceHandle  container)

Definition at line 74 of file cameraSchema.h.

Member Function Documentation

static HD_API HdTokenDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::BuildProjectionDataSource ( const TfToken projection)

Returns token data source for use as projection value. Values of...

  • HdCameraSchemaTokens->perspective
  • HdCameraSchemaTokens->orthographic ...will be stored statically and reused for future calls.
static HD_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::BuildRetained ( const HdTokenDataSourceHandle projection,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle horizontalAperture,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle verticalAperture,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle horizontalApertureOffset,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle verticalApertureOffset,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle focalLength,
const HdVec2fDataSourceHandle clippingRange,
const HdVec4dArrayDataSourceHandle clippingPlanes,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle fStop,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle focusDistance,
const HdDoubleDataSourceHandle shutterOpen,
const HdDoubleDataSourceHandle shutterClose,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle exposure,
const HdBoolDataSourceHandle focusOn,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle dofAspect,
const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &  splitDiopter,
const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &  lensDistortion 

Builds a container data source which includes the provided child data sources. Parameters with nullptr values are excluded. This is a low-level interface. For cases in which it's desired to define the container with a sparse set of child fields, the Builder class is often more convenient and readable.

HD_API HdVec4dArrayDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetClippingPlanes ( )
HD_API HdVec2fDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetClippingRange ( )
static HD_API const HdDataSourceLocator& HdCameraSchema::GetDefaultLocator ( )

Returns an HdDataSourceLocator (relative to the prim-level data source) where the container representing this schema is found by default.

HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetDofAspect ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetExposure ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetFocalLength ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetFocusDistance ( )
HD_API HdBoolDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetFocusOn ( )
static HD_API HdCameraSchema HdCameraSchema::GetFromParent ( const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &  fromParentContainer)

Retrieves a container data source with the schema's default name token "camera" from the parent container and constructs a HdCameraSchema instance. Because the requested container data source may not exist, the result should be checked with IsDefined() or a bool comparison before use.

HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetFStop ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetHorizontalAperture ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetHorizontalApertureOffset ( )
HD_API HdLensDistortionSchema HdCameraSchema::GetLensDistortion ( )
HD_API HdTokenDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetProjection ( )
static HD_API const TfToken& HdCameraSchema::GetSchemaToken ( )

Returns a token where the container representing this schema is found in a container by default.

HD_API HdDoubleDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetShutterClose ( )
HD_API HdDoubleDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetShutterOpen ( )
HD_API HdSplitDiopterSchema HdCameraSchema::GetSplitDiopter ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetVerticalAperture ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetVerticalApertureOffset ( )

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