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HdCameraSchema Class Reference

#include <cameraSchema.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdCameraSchema:


class  Builder

Public Member Functions

 HdCameraSchema (HdContainerDataSourceHandle container)
HD_API HdTokenDataSourceHandle GetProjection ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetHorizontalAperture ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetVerticalAperture ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetHorizontalApertureOffset ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetVerticalApertureOffset ()
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle GetFocalLength ()
HD_API HdVec2fDataSourceHandle GetClippingRange ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdSchema
 HdSchema (HdContainerDataSourceHandle container)
HD_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle GetContainer ()
 Returns the container data source that this schema is interpreting. More...
HD_API bool IsDefined () const
 operator bool () const

Static Public Member Functions

static HD_API
BuildRetained (const HdTokenDataSourceHandle &projection, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &horizontalAperture, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &verticalAperture, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &horizontalApertureOffset, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &verticalApertureOffset, const HdFloatDataSourceHandle &focalLength, const HdVec2fDataSourceHandle &clippingRange)
static HD_API HdCameraSchema GetFromParent (const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &fromParentContainer)
static HD_API const
GetDefaultLocator ()
static HD_API
BuildProjectionDataSource (const TfToken &projection)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdSchema
template<typename T >
T::Handle _GetTypedDataSource (TfToken name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from HdSchema
HdContainerDataSourceHandle _container

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file cameraSchema.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HdCameraSchema::HdCameraSchema ( HdContainerDataSourceHandle  container)

Definition at line 59 of file cameraSchema.h.

Member Function Documentation

static HD_API HdTokenDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::BuildProjectionDataSource ( const TfToken projection)

Returns token data source for use as projection value. Values of...

  • HdCameraSchemaTokens->perspective
  • HdCameraSchemaTokens->orthographic ...will be stored statically and reused for future calls.
static HD_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::BuildRetained ( const HdTokenDataSourceHandle projection,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle horizontalAperture,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle verticalAperture,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle horizontalApertureOffset,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle verticalApertureOffset,
const HdFloatDataSourceHandle focalLength,
const HdVec2fDataSourceHandle clippingRange 

Builds a container data source which includes the provided child data sources. Parameters with nullptr values are excluded. This is a low-level interface. For cases in which it's desired to define the container with a sparse set of child fields, the Builder class is often more convenient and readable.

HD_API HdVec2fDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetClippingRange ( )
static HD_API const HdDataSourceLocator& HdCameraSchema::GetDefaultLocator ( )

Returns an HdDataSourceLocator (relative to the prim-level data source) where the container representing this schema is found by default.

HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetFocalLength ( )
static HD_API HdCameraSchema HdCameraSchema::GetFromParent ( const HdContainerDataSourceHandle &  fromParentContainer)

Retrieves a container data source with the schema's default name token "camera" from the parent container and constructs a HdCameraSchema instance. Because the requested container data source may not exist, the result should be checked with IsDefined() or a bool comparison before use.

HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetHorizontalAperture ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetHorizontalApertureOffset ( )
HD_API HdTokenDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetProjection ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetVerticalAperture ( )
HD_API HdFloatDataSourceHandle HdCameraSchema::GetVerticalApertureOffset ( )

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