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HdxTaskController Class Referencefinal

#include <taskController.h>

Public Member Functions

HDX_API HdxTaskController (HdRenderIndex *renderIndex, SdfPath const &controllerId, bool gpuEnabled=true)
HDX_API ~HdxTaskController ()
HdRenderIndexGetRenderIndex ()
 Return the render index this controller is bound to. More...
HdRenderIndex constGetRenderIndex () const
SdfPath constGetControllerId () const
HDX_API HdTaskSharedPtrVector const GetRenderingTasks () const
HDX_API HdTaskSharedPtrVector const GetPickingTasks () const
HDX_API void SetCollection (HdRprimCollection const &collection)
 Set the collection to be rendered. More...
HDX_API void SetRenderParams (HdxRenderTaskParams const &params)
HDX_API void SetRenderTags (TfTokenVector const &renderTags)
HDX_API void SetRenderOutputs (TfTokenVector const &names)
HDX_API void SetViewportRenderOutput (TfToken const &name)
HDX_API HdRenderBufferGetRenderOutput (TfToken const &name)
HDX_API void SetRenderOutputSettings (TfToken const &name, HdAovDescriptor const &desc)
 Set custom parameters for an AOV. More...
HDX_API HdAovDescriptor GetRenderOutputSettings (TfToken const &name) const
 Get parameters for an AOV. More...
HDX_API void SetPresentationOutput (TfToken const &api, VtValue const &framebuffer)
HDX_API void SetLightingState (GlfSimpleLightingContextPtr const &src)
HDX_API void SetRenderBufferSize (const GfVec2i &size)
HDX_API void SetFraming (const CameraUtilFraming &framing)
HDX_API void SetOverrideWindowPolicy (const std::pair< bool, CameraUtilConformWindowPolicy > &policy)
HDX_API void SetCameraPath (SdfPath const &id)
HDX_API void SetRenderViewport (GfVec4d const &viewport)
HDX_API void SetFreeCameraMatrices (GfMatrix4d const &viewMatrix, GfMatrix4d const &projectionMatrix)
HDX_API void SetFreeCameraClipPlanes (std::vector< GfVec4d > const &clipPlanes)
HDX_API void SetEnableSelection (bool enable)
 Turns the selection task on or off. More...
HDX_API void SetSelectionColor (GfVec4f const &color)
 Set the selection color. More...
HDX_API void SetSelectionLocateColor (GfVec4f const &color)
 Set the selection locate (over) color. More...
HDX_API void SetSelectionEnableOutline (bool enableOutline)
HDX_API void SetSelectionOutlineRadius (unsigned int radius)
HDX_API void SetEnableShadows (bool enable)
 Turns the shadow task on or off. More...
HDX_API void SetShadowParams (HdxShadowTaskParams const &params)
HDX_API bool IsConverged () const
 Return whether the image has converged. More...
HDX_API void SetColorCorrectionParams (HdxColorCorrectionTaskParams const &params)
 Configure color correction by settings params. More...
HDX_API void SetBBoxParams (const HdxBoundingBoxTaskParams &params)
 Set the bounding box params. More...
HDX_API void SetEnablePresentation (bool enabled)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file taskController.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HDX_API HdxTaskController::HdxTaskController ( HdRenderIndex renderIndex,
SdfPath const controllerId,
bool  gpuEnabled = true 
HDX_API HdxTaskController::~HdxTaskController ( )

Member Function Documentation

SdfPath const& HdxTaskController::GetControllerId ( ) const

Return the controller's scene-graph id (prefixed to any scene graph objects it creates).

Definition at line 71 of file taskController.h.

HDX_API HdTaskSharedPtrVector const HdxTaskController::GetPickingTasks ( ) const

Obtain the set of tasks managed by the task controller, for picking.

HdRenderIndex* HdxTaskController::GetRenderIndex ( )

Return the render index this controller is bound to.

Definition at line 66 of file taskController.h.

HdRenderIndex const* HdxTaskController::GetRenderIndex ( ) const

Definition at line 67 of file taskController.h.

HDX_API HdTaskSharedPtrVector const HdxTaskController::GetRenderingTasks ( ) const

Execution API Obtain the set of tasks managed by the task controller, for image generation. The tasks returned will be different based on current renderer state.

HDX_API HdRenderBuffer* HdxTaskController::GetRenderOutput ( TfToken const name)

Get the buffer for a rendered output. Note: the caller should call Resolve(), as HdxTaskController doesn't guarantee the buffer will be resolved.

HDX_API HdAovDescriptor HdxTaskController::GetRenderOutputSettings ( TfToken const name) const

Get parameters for an AOV.

HDX_API bool HdxTaskController::IsConverged ( ) const

Return whether the image has converged.

Progressive Image Generation

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetBBoxParams ( const HdxBoundingBoxTaskParams params)

Set the bounding box params.

Bounding Box API

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetCameraPath ( SdfPath const id)

– Scene camera – Set the camera param on tasks to a USD camera path.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetCollection ( HdRprimCollection const collection)

Set the collection to be rendered.

Rendering API

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetColorCorrectionParams ( HdxColorCorrectionTaskParams const params)

Configure color correction by settings params.

Color Correction API

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetEnablePresentation ( bool  enabled)

Present API Enable / disable presenting the render to bound framebuffer. An application may choose to manage the AOVs that are rendered into itself and skip the task controller's presentation.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetEnableSelection ( bool  enable)

Turns the selection task on or off.

Selection API

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetEnableShadows ( bool  enable)

Turns the shadow task on or off.

Shadow API

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetFraming ( const CameraUtilFraming framing)

Determines how the filmback of the camera is mapped into the pixels of the render buffer and what pixels of the render buffer will be rendered into.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetFreeCameraClipPlanes ( std::vector< GfVec4d > const clipPlanes)

Set the free camera clip planes. (Note: Scene cameras use clipping planes authored on the camera prim)

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetFreeCameraMatrices ( GfMatrix4d const viewMatrix,
GfMatrix4d const projectionMatrix 

– Free camera – Set the view and projection matrices for the free camera. Note: The projection matrix must be pre-adjusted for the window policy.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetLightingState ( GlfSimpleLightingContextPtr const src)

Lighting API Set the lighting state for the scene. HdxTaskController maintains a set of light sprims with data set from the lights in "src".

srcLighting state to implement.
HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetOverrideWindowPolicy ( const std::pair< bool, CameraUtilConformWindowPolicy > &  policy)

Specifies whether to force a window policy when conforming the frustum of the camera to match the display window of the camera framing.

If set to {false, ...}, the window policy of the specified camera will be used.

Note: std::pair<bool, ...> is used instead of std::optional<...> because the latter is only available in C++17 or later.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetPresentationOutput ( TfToken const api,
VtValue const framebuffer 

The destination API (e.g., OpenGL, see hgiInterop for details) and framebuffer that the AOVs are presented into. The framebuffer is a VtValue that encoding a framebuffer in a destination API specific way. E.g., a uint32_t (aka GLuint) for framebuffer object for OpenGL.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetRenderBufferSize ( const GfVec2i size)

Camera and Framing API Set the size of the render buffers baking the AOVs. GUI applications should set this to the size of the window.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetRenderOutputs ( TfTokenVector const names)

AOV API Set the list of outputs to be rendered. If outputs.size() == 1, this will send that output to the viewport via a colorizer task. Note: names should come from HdAovTokens.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetRenderOutputSettings ( TfToken const name,
HdAovDescriptor const desc 

Set custom parameters for an AOV.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetRenderParams ( HdxRenderTaskParams const params)

Set the render params. Note: params.viewport will be overwritten, since it comes from SetRenderViewport. XXX: For GL renders, HdxTaskController relies on the caller to correctly set GL_SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetRenderTags ( TfTokenVector const renderTags)

Set the "view" opinion of the scenes render tags. The opinion is the base opinion for the entire scene. Individual tasks (such as the shadow task) may have a stronger opinion and override this opinion

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetRenderViewport ( GfVec4d const viewport)

Set the viewport param on tasks.

Use SetFraming and SetRenderBufferSize instead.
HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetSelectionColor ( GfVec4f const color)

Set the selection color.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetSelectionEnableOutline ( bool  enableOutline)

Set if the selection highlight should be rendered as an outline around the selected objects or as a solid color overlaid on top of them.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetSelectionLocateColor ( GfVec4f const color)

Set the selection locate (over) color.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetSelectionOutlineRadius ( unsigned int  radius)

Set the selection outline radius (thickness) in pixels. This is only relevant if the highlight is meant to be rendered as an outline (if SetSelectionRenderOutline(true) is called).

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetShadowParams ( HdxShadowTaskParams const params)

Set the shadow params. Note: params.camera will be overwritten, since it comes from SetCameraPath/SetCameraState.

HDX_API void HdxTaskController::SetViewportRenderOutput ( TfToken const name)

Set which output should be rendered to the viewport. The empty token disables viewport rendering.

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