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OP_GalleryEntry Class Reference

#include <OP_GalleryEntry.h>

Public Member Functions

 OP_GalleryEntry ()
virtual ~OP_GalleryEntry ()
bool getEntryIsValid () const
bool match (const char *namepattern, const char *labelpattern, const char *keywordpattern, const char *category, const char *optable, const char *optype) const
const UT_StringgetFilePath () const
const UT_StringgetEntryName () const
void setEntryName (const char *entryname)
void getLabel (UT_String &label) const
void setLabel (const char *label)
void getDescription (UT_String &description) const
void setDescription (const char *description)
void getIcon (UT_String &icon) const
void setIcon (const char *icon)
bool getAllowIconRegeneration () const
void setAllowIconRegeneration (bool flag)
void getHelpUrl (UT_String &helpurl) const
void setHelpUrl (const char *helpurl)
void getOTLPath (UT_String &otlpath) const
void setOTLPath (const char *otlpath)
void getOpTable (UT_String &optable) const
void setOpTable (const char *optable)
void getOpTypes (UT_String &optypes) const
void getOpTypes (UT_StringArray &optypes) const
void setOpTypes (const char *optypes)
void setOpTypes (const UT_StringArray &optypes)
void getKeywords (UT_String &keywords) const
void getKeywords (UT_StringArray &keywords) const
void setKeywords (const char *keywords)
void setKeywords (const UT_StringArray &keywords)
void getCategories (UT_String &cats) const
void getCategories (UT_StringArray &cats) const
void setCategories (const char *cats)
void setCategories (const UT_StringArray &cats)
bool hasContents () const
bool applyContents (OP_Node *destnode) const
void setContents (OP_Node *srcnode)
bool hasParms () const
bool applyParms (OP_Node *destnode) const
void getParms (UT_String &script) const
void setParms (OP_Node *srcnode)
void setParms (const UT_WorkBuffer &data)
void setHidden (bool hide)
bool isHidden () const
bool applyOther (OP_Node *destnode) const
bool canApplyToNode (OP_Node *node) const
bool applyToNode (OP_Node *node) const
OP_NetworkgetNaturalOpManager () const
bool canCreateChildNode (OP_Network *net=0) const
OP_NodecreateChildNode (OP_Network *net=0, bool move_to_good_pos=true) const
void getBestOpType (UT_String &optype, OP_Network *parent_net=NULL) const
void setInformationFromNode (OP_Node *node)
void clearAllInformation ()
const OP_GalleryEntryoperator= (const OP_GalleryEntry &src)

Static Public Member Functions

static int compareEntries (OP_GalleryEntry *const *a, OP_GalleryEntry *const *b)
static bool isCreatingNode ()

Protected Member Functions

 OP_GalleryEntry (OP_Gallery *owner, const char *entryname, bool newentry)
void clear ()
bool getOption (const char *optionname, UT_String &optionvalue) const
bool getOption (const char *optionname, UT_StringArray &optionvalues, bool spaceisseparator) const
bool getOptionBool (const char *optionname, bool &optionvalue) const
void setOption (const char *optionname, const UT_String &optionvalue)
void setOption (const char *optionname, const UT_StringArray &optionvalues)
void setOptionBool (const char *optionname, bool optionvalue)
void saveCompressedSection (const char *section, const UT_WorkBuffer &data, UT_CompressionType type)
bool loadCompressedSection (const char *section, char *&buffer, int &buflen) const
void allowEditing ()


class OP_Gallery

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file OP_GalleryEntry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OP_GalleryEntry::OP_GalleryEntry ( )
virtual OP_GalleryEntry::~OP_GalleryEntry ( )
OP_GalleryEntry::OP_GalleryEntry ( OP_Gallery owner,
const char *  entryname,
bool  newentry 

Member Function Documentation

void OP_GalleryEntry::allowEditing ( )
bool OP_GalleryEntry::applyContents ( OP_Node destnode) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::applyOther ( OP_Node destnode) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::applyParms ( OP_Node destnode) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::applyToNode ( OP_Node node) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::canApplyToNode ( OP_Node node) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::canCreateChildNode ( OP_Network net = 0) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::clear ( )
void OP_GalleryEntry::clearAllInformation ( )
static int OP_GalleryEntry::compareEntries ( OP_GalleryEntry *const a,
OP_GalleryEntry *const b 
OP_Node* OP_GalleryEntry::createChildNode ( OP_Network net = 0,
bool  move_to_good_pos = true 
) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::getAllowIconRegeneration ( ) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getBestOpType ( UT_String optype,
OP_Network parent_net = NULL 
) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getCategories ( UT_String cats) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getCategories ( UT_StringArray cats) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getDescription ( UT_String description) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::getEntryIsValid ( ) const
const UT_String& OP_GalleryEntry::getEntryName ( ) const
const UT_String& OP_GalleryEntry::getFilePath ( ) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getHelpUrl ( UT_String helpurl) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getIcon ( UT_String icon) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getKeywords ( UT_String keywords) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getKeywords ( UT_StringArray keywords) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getLabel ( UT_String label) const
OP_Network* OP_GalleryEntry::getNaturalOpManager ( ) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getOpTable ( UT_String optable) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::getOption ( const char *  optionname,
UT_String optionvalue 
) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::getOption ( const char *  optionname,
UT_StringArray optionvalues,
bool  spaceisseparator 
) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::getOptionBool ( const char *  optionname,
bool &  optionvalue 
) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getOpTypes ( UT_String optypes) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getOpTypes ( UT_StringArray optypes) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getOTLPath ( UT_String otlpath) const
void OP_GalleryEntry::getParms ( UT_String script) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::hasContents ( ) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::hasParms ( ) const
static bool OP_GalleryEntry::isCreatingNode ( )

Returns ture if the gallery entry is in the process of creating a node, before it even applies the parameters, contents, or other changes.

bool OP_GalleryEntry::isHidden ( ) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::loadCompressedSection ( const char *  section,
char *&  buffer,
int buflen 
) const
bool OP_GalleryEntry::match ( const char *  namepattern,
const char *  labelpattern,
const char *  keywordpattern,
const char *  category,
const char *  optable,
const char *  optype 
) const
const OP_GalleryEntry& OP_GalleryEntry::operator= ( const OP_GalleryEntry src)
void OP_GalleryEntry::saveCompressedSection ( const char *  section,
const UT_WorkBuffer data,
UT_CompressionType  type 
void OP_GalleryEntry::setAllowIconRegeneration ( bool  flag)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setCategories ( const char *  cats)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setCategories ( const UT_StringArray cats)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setContents ( OP_Node srcnode)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setDescription ( const char *  description)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setEntryName ( const char *  entryname)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setHelpUrl ( const char *  helpurl)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setHidden ( bool  hide)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setIcon ( const char *  icon)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setInformationFromNode ( OP_Node node)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setKeywords ( const char *  keywords)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setKeywords ( const UT_StringArray keywords)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setLabel ( const char *  label)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOpTable ( const char *  optable)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOption ( const char *  optionname,
const UT_String optionvalue 
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOption ( const char *  optionname,
const UT_StringArray optionvalues 
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOptionBool ( const char *  optionname,
bool  optionvalue 
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOpTypes ( const char *  optypes)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOpTypes ( const UT_StringArray optypes)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setOTLPath ( const char *  otlpath)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setParms ( OP_Node srcnode)
void OP_GalleryEntry::setParms ( const UT_WorkBuffer data)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OP_Gallery

Definition at line 184 of file OP_GalleryEntry.h.

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