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OP_Take Class Reference

#include <OP_Take.h>

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class  MergeContext

Public Member Functions

 OP_Take ()
 ~OP_Take () override
void storeTakeFlag (OP_Node *node, uchar flag)
void storeTakeParm (OP_Node *node, PRM_Parm *parm, bool join=1, bool auto_take=false)
void clearTakeFlag (OP_Node *node, uchar flag)
void clearTakeParm (OP_Node *node, PRM_Parm *parm)
void clearTakeData (int id, const char *label)
void switchToTake (TAKE_Take *take, bool force=false) override
void storeCurrentTake (OP_Node *root, bool force_master=false)
TAKE_DatadataFactory (const char *oppath, const char *label) override
void notifyObservers (TAKE_Event::TAKE_EventType type, const char *name, const TAKE_Take *take=0) override
bool takeSet (const char *name)
bool takeMove (const char *name, const char *newparent, bool skip_current_restore=false)
bool takeMerge (const char *dest, UT_StringArray &sources, bool override, UT_StringArray *missed=0)
bool takeRemove (const char *name, bool recursive)
bool takeRename (const char *oldname, const char *newname)
TAKE_TaketakeAdd (const char *name, const char *parent=0)
TAKE_TaketakeInsert (const char *name, const char *parent=0)
bool takeInfo (const char *takename, UT_WorkBuffer &buf, int indent=0, bool contents=true, bool memusage=true)
bool takeCommands (const char *takename, std::ostream &os)
bool takeCopy (const char *takename, std::ostream &os, bool recurse)
bool takePaste (UT_IStream &is, const char *parent=0, UT_ValArray< TAKE_Take * > *created_list=0)
void takeRestoreCurrent (TAKE_Take *take)
void nodesDeleted (OP_NodeList &nodes)
void removeSpareParm (OP_Node *node, const char *parmname)
void copyDataFromNode (OP_Node *dest, const OP_Node *src)
void networkLoadMerge (OP_Take &src, const char *prefix, MergeContext &context)
void setMergeContext (MergeContext *context)
void pushSyncContext ()
void syncingNode (OP_Node *node)
void popSyncContext ()
void setHandleNodeDeletionDuringUndoFlag (bool flag)
bool handlesNodeDeletionDuringUndo () const
void setSyncUndo (OP_UndoSync *)
OP_UndoSync * getSyncUndo () const
bool internalTakeSetForSync (const char *name)
void renameTake (TAKE_Take *take, const char *name) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAKE_Manager
 TAKE_Manager ()
virtual ~TAKE_Manager ()
TAKE_TakegetMasterTake ()
void destroyTake (TAKE_Take *take, bool *cleaned_dead_data_from_master_take=0)
void clear ()
TAKE_TakefindTake (const char *name)
void getTakes (UT_Array< TAKE_Take * > &takes) const
bool isSwitching () const
void reApplyTake (const TAKE_DataId &id)
TAKE_TakeinsertTake (const char *name, const char *parent=0)
TAKE_TakegetCurrentTake ()
bool isMasterTake ()
int globTakes (UT_Array< TAKE_Take * > &list, const char *pattern)
bool reparentTake (TAKE_Take *take, TAKE_Take *parent)
TAKE_TakefindDefinition (const TAKE_DataId &id, TAKE_Take *from_which=0)
int getListSerial () const
const char * getDefaultTakeName ()
void setDefaultTakeName (const char *s)
bool mergeTake (TAKE_Take *dest, TAKE_Take *src, bool overwrite_dest=false)
virtual int save (std::ostream &os, int binary) const
virtual bool load (UT_IStream &is)
int saveTake (TAKE_StringSaver &strings, TAKE_Take *take, std::ostream &os, int bin, bool recurse) const
bool loadTake (UT_StringArray &strings, TAKE_Take *parent, UT_IStream &is, UT_Array< TAKE_Take * > *createdTakes)
int copyTake (std::ostream &os, TAKE_Take *take, bool binary, bool recurse) const
bool pasteTake (UT_IStream &is, UT_Array< TAKE_Take * > &createdTakes, TAKE_Take *under=0)
int stashTakeForUndo (TAKE_Take *layer, std::ostream &os, int binary) const
bool restoreTakeForUndo (UT_IStream &is)
UT_NotifierImpl< TAKE_Event & > & getEventNotifier ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void clearActiveFlags (OP_Node *root)
static bool autoActivationActive ()
static bool needsParmAutoActivation (PRM_Parm *parm)
static bool needsFlagAutoActivation (OP_Node *node, uchar flag)
static void getNodesAndTokens (const TAKE_Take *take, UT_Functor1< const char *, uchar > flag_map, OP_NodeList &nodes, UT_StringArray &tokens)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TAKE_Manager
static TAKE_ManagergetCurrentManager ()
static void setCurrentManager (TAKE_Manager *mgr)
static bool getAutoIncludeModeFlag ()
static void setAutoIncludeModeFlag (bool state)
static bool getAutoIncludeLockedAssetsFlag ()
static void setAutoIncludeLockedAssetsFlag (bool state)

Protected Member Functions

void setACTIVETAKE (TAKE_Take *take)
void recurseStoreCurrent (OP_Node *node, bool partial_recurse)
void recursiveDestroy (TAKE_Take *take, bool *cleaned_dead_data_from_master_take=0)
bool recursiveNodeDeleted (TAKE_Take *take, OP_NodeList &node, UT_ValArray< TAKE_Data * > &work)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TAKE_Manager
int buildTakeTree (TAKE_Take *take, UT_Array< TAKE_Take * > &list)
bool generateName (const char *name, UT_String &result)
bool generateUniquePrefix (const char *name, UT_String &result)
bool isCurrentTakeActivationPending () const
void handlePendingTakeActivation ()
TAKE_TakemergeExternal (TAKE_Manager &src, const char *prefix_base, bool current_take_to_require_activation, UT_String &prefix)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from TAKE_Manager
UT_SymbolMap< TAKE_Take * > myNameSpace

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file OP_Take.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OP_Take::OP_Take ( )
OP_Take::~OP_Take ( )

Member Function Documentation

static bool OP_Take::autoActivationActive ( )
static void OP_Take::clearActiveFlags ( OP_Node root)
void OP_Take::clearTakeData ( int  id,
const char *  label 
void OP_Take::clearTakeFlag ( OP_Node node,
uchar  flag 
void OP_Take::clearTakeParm ( OP_Node node,
PRM_Parm parm 
void OP_Take::copyDataFromNode ( OP_Node dest,
const OP_Node src 
TAKE_Data* OP_Take::dataFactory ( const char *  oppath,
const char *  label 

Implements TAKE_Manager.

static void OP_Take::getNodesAndTokens ( const TAKE_Take take,
UT_Functor1< const char *, uchar flag_map,
OP_NodeList nodes,
UT_StringArray tokens 
OP_UndoSync* OP_Take::getSyncUndo ( ) const

Definition at line 196 of file OP_Take.h.

bool OP_Take::handlesNodeDeletionDuringUndo ( ) const

Definition at line 188 of file OP_Take.h.

bool OP_Take::internalTakeSetForSync ( const char *  name)
static bool OP_Take::needsFlagAutoActivation ( OP_Node node,
uchar  flag 
static bool OP_Take::needsParmAutoActivation ( PRM_Parm parm)
void OP_Take::networkLoadMerge ( OP_Take src,
const char *  prefix,
MergeContext context 
void OP_Take::nodesDeleted ( OP_NodeList nodes)
void OP_Take::notifyObservers ( TAKE_Event::TAKE_EventType  type,
const char *  name,
const TAKE_Take take = 0 

Reimplemented from TAKE_Manager.

void OP_Take::popSyncContext ( )
void OP_Take::pushSyncContext ( )
void OP_Take::recurseStoreCurrent ( OP_Node node,
bool  partial_recurse 
void OP_Take::recursiveDestroy ( TAKE_Take take,
bool *  cleaned_dead_data_from_master_take = 0 
bool OP_Take::recursiveNodeDeleted ( TAKE_Take take,
OP_NodeList node,
UT_ValArray< TAKE_Data * > &  work 
void OP_Take::removeSpareParm ( OP_Node node,
const char *  parmname 
void OP_Take::renameTake ( TAKE_Take take,
const char *  name 

Reimplemented from TAKE_Manager.

void OP_Take::setACTIVETAKE ( TAKE_Take take)
void OP_Take::setHandleNodeDeletionDuringUndoFlag ( bool  flag)
void OP_Take::setMergeContext ( MergeContext context)
void OP_Take::setSyncUndo ( OP_UndoSync *  )
void OP_Take::storeCurrentTake ( OP_Node root,
bool  force_master = false 

Definition at line 50 of file OP_Take.h.

void OP_Take::storeTakeFlag ( OP_Node node,
uchar  flag 
void OP_Take::storeTakeParm ( OP_Node node,
PRM_Parm parm,
bool  join = 1,
bool  auto_take = false 
void OP_Take::switchToTake ( TAKE_Take take,
bool  force = false 

Reimplemented from TAKE_Manager.

void OP_Take::syncingNode ( OP_Node node)
TAKE_Take* OP_Take::takeAdd ( const char *  name,
const char *  parent = 0 
bool OP_Take::takeCommands ( const char *  takename,
std::ostream &  os 
bool OP_Take::takeCopy ( const char *  takename,
std::ostream &  os,
bool  recurse 
bool OP_Take::takeInfo ( const char *  takename,
UT_WorkBuffer buf,
int  indent = 0,
bool  contents = true,
bool  memusage = true 
TAKE_Take* OP_Take::takeInsert ( const char *  name,
const char *  parent = 0 
bool OP_Take::takeMerge ( const char *  dest,
UT_StringArray sources,
bool  override,
UT_StringArray missed = 0 
bool OP_Take::takeMove ( const char *  name,
const char *  newparent,
bool  skip_current_restore = false 
bool OP_Take::takePaste ( UT_IStream is,
const char *  parent = 0,
UT_ValArray< TAKE_Take * > *  created_list = 0 
bool OP_Take::takeRemove ( const char *  name,
bool  recursive 
bool OP_Take::takeRename ( const char *  oldname,
const char *  newname 
void OP_Take::takeRestoreCurrent ( TAKE_Take take)
bool OP_Take::takeSet ( const char *  name)

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