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OutputFile Class Reference

#include <ImfOutputFile.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OutputFile:

Public Member Functions

IMF_EXPORT OutputFile (const char fileName[], const Header &header, int numThreads=globalThreadCount())
IMF_EXPORT OutputFile (OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::OStream &os, const Header &header, int numThreads=globalThreadCount())
virtual IMF_EXPORT ~OutputFile ()
IMF_EXPORT const char * fileName () const
IMF_EXPORT const Headerheader () const
IMF_EXPORT void setFrameBuffer (const FrameBuffer &frameBuffer)
IMF_EXPORT const FrameBufferframeBuffer () const
IMF_EXPORT void writePixels (int numScanLines=1)
IMF_EXPORT int currentScanLine () const
IMF_EXPORT void copyPixels (InputFile &in)
IMF_EXPORT void copyPixels (InputPart &in)
IMF_EXPORT void updatePreviewImage (const PreviewRgba newPixels[])
IMF_EXPORT void breakScanLine (int y, int offset, int length, char c)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GenericOutputFile
virtual IMF_EXPORT ~GenericOutputFile ()

Public Attributes

struct IMF_HIDDEN Data


class MultiPartOutputFile

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GenericOutputFile
IMF_EXPORT GenericOutputFile ()
IMF_EXPORT void writeMagicNumberAndVersionField (OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::OStream &os, const Header &header)
IMF_EXPORT void writeMagicNumberAndVersionField (OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::OStream &os, const Header *headers, int parts)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file ImfOutputFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IMF_EXPORT OutputFile::OutputFile ( const char  fileName[],
const Header header,
int  numThreads = globalThreadCount() 
const Header header,
int  numThreads = globalThreadCount() 
virtual IMF_EXPORT OutputFile::~OutputFile ( )

Member Function Documentation

IMF_EXPORT void OutputFile::breakScanLine ( int  y,
int  offset,
int  length,
char  c 
IMF_EXPORT void OutputFile::copyPixels ( InputFile in)
IMF_EXPORT void OutputFile::copyPixels ( InputPart in)
IMF_EXPORT int OutputFile::currentScanLine ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT const char* OutputFile::fileName ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT const FrameBuffer& OutputFile::frameBuffer ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT const Header& OutputFile::header ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT void OutputFile::setFrameBuffer ( const FrameBuffer frameBuffer)
IMF_EXPORT void OutputFile::updatePreviewImage ( const PreviewRgba  newPixels[])
IMF_EXPORT void OutputFile::writePixels ( int  numScanLines = 1)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MultiPartOutputFile

Definition at line 238 of file ImfOutputFile.h.

Member Data Documentation

struct IMF_HIDDEN OutputFile::Data

Definition at line 216 of file ImfOutputFile.h.

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