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RE_ShadowMap Class Reference

#include <RE_ShadowMap.h>

Public Member Functions

 RE_ShadowMap (const RE_Light *light, int mapsize)
 ~RE_ShadowMap ()
void setMultiMap (bool m)
bool isMultiMap () const
void useLinearDepthMap (bool ld)
bool usesLinearDepthMap () const
void getShadowMapTransform (RE_Render *r, bool bias, UT_Matrix4F *mat=nullptr, bool cube=false, RE_TextureCubeFace face=RE_TEXTURE_CUBE_POS_X, int area_index=0, int xform_mask=0x3)
bool prepShadowMapRender (RE_Render *r, RE_TextureCubeFace face=RE_TEXTURE_CUBE_POS_X, int area_index=0)
void finishShadowMapRender (RE_Render *r, RE_TextureCubeFace face=RE_TEXTURE_CUBE_POS_X, int area_index=0)
void setupCascadeMap (RE_Render *r, RE_Shader *sh, RE_UniformBlock *block)
void setAreaLightShape (RE_LightAreaShape sh)
RE_LightAreaShape getAreaLightShape () const
int getNumAreaMaps () const
void setViewFrustum (UT_Vector3FArray &pnts, UT_Vector3F &campos)
void setSceneBounds (const UT_BoundingBox &scene_bounds)
RE_TexturegetShadowMap (int area_index=0)
void setVersion (int64 version)
int64 getVersion () const
void setFrameTime (fpreal t)
fpreal getFrameTime () const
void getZClipRange (fpreal &n, fpreal &f)

Static Public Member Functions

static UT_Matrix4D computeCubeTransform (RE_TextureCubeFace face, UT_Vector4 position, UT_Matrix4 transform)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RE_ShadowMap::RE_ShadowMap ( const RE_Light light,
int  mapsize 
RE_ShadowMap::~RE_ShadowMap ( )

Member Function Documentation

static UT_Matrix4D RE_ShadowMap::computeCubeTransform ( RE_TextureCubeFace  face,
UT_Vector4  position,
UT_Matrix4  transform 
void RE_ShadowMap::finishShadowMapRender ( RE_Render r,
RE_TextureCubeFace  face = RE_TEXTURE_CUBE_POS_X,
int  area_index = 0 
RE_LightAreaShape RE_ShadowMap::getAreaLightShape ( ) const

Definition at line 91 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

fpreal RE_ShadowMap::getFrameTime ( ) const

Definition at line 109 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

int RE_ShadowMap::getNumAreaMaps ( ) const
RE_Texture* RE_ShadowMap::getShadowMap ( int  area_index = 0)
void RE_ShadowMap::getShadowMapTransform ( RE_Render r,
bool  bias,
UT_Matrix4F mat = nullptr,
bool  cube = false,
RE_TextureCubeFace  face = RE_TEXTURE_CUBE_POS_X,
int  area_index = 0,
int  xform_mask = 0x3 
int64 RE_ShadowMap::getVersion ( ) const

Definition at line 106 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

void RE_ShadowMap::getZClipRange ( fpreal n,
fpreal f 

Definition at line 112 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

bool RE_ShadowMap::isMultiMap ( ) const
bool RE_ShadowMap::prepShadowMapRender ( RE_Render r,
RE_TextureCubeFace  face = RE_TEXTURE_CUBE_POS_X,
int  area_index = 0 
void RE_ShadowMap::setAreaLightShape ( RE_LightAreaShape  sh)

Definition at line 90 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

void RE_ShadowMap::setFrameTime ( fpreal  t)

Definition at line 108 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

void RE_ShadowMap::setMultiMap ( bool  m)
void RE_ShadowMap::setSceneBounds ( const UT_BoundingBox scene_bounds)
void RE_ShadowMap::setupCascadeMap ( RE_Render r,
RE_Shader sh,
RE_UniformBlock block 
void RE_ShadowMap::setVersion ( int64  version)

Definition at line 105 of file RE_ShadowMap.h.

void RE_ShadowMap::setViewFrustum ( UT_Vector3FArray pnts,
UT_Vector3F campos 
void RE_ShadowMap::useLinearDepthMap ( bool  ld)
bool RE_ShadowMap::usesLinearDepthMap ( ) const

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