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UsdSkelCache Class Reference

#include <cache.h>

Public Member Functions

USDSKEL_API UsdSkelCache ()
USDSKEL_API void Clear ()
USDSKEL_API bool Populate (const UsdSkelRoot &root)
 Populate the cache for the skeletal data beneath prim root. More...
USDSKEL_API UsdSkelSkeletonQuery GetSkelQuery (const UsdSkelSkeleton &skel) const
USDSKEL_API UsdSkelAnimQuery GetAnimQuery (const UsdSkelAnimation &anim) const
USDSKEL_API UsdSkelAnimQuery GetAnimQuery (const UsdPrim &prim) const
USDSKEL_API UsdSkelSkinningQuery GetSkinningQuery (const UsdPrim &prim) const
USDSKEL_API bool ComputeSkelBindings (const UsdSkelRoot &skelRoot, std::vector< UsdSkelBinding > *bindings) const
 Compute the set of skeleton bindings beneath skelRoot. More...
USDSKEL_API bool ComputeSkelBinding (const UsdSkelRoot &skelRoot, const UsdSkelSkeleton &skel, UsdSkelBinding *binding) const


class UsdSkelAnimQuery
class UsdSkelSkeletonQuery

Detailed Description

Thread-safe cache for accessing query objects for evaluating skeletal data. This provides caching of major structural components, such as skeletal topology. In a streaming context, this cache is intended to persist.

Definition at line 58 of file cache.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

USDSKEL_API UsdSkelCache::UsdSkelCache ( )

Member Function Documentation

USDSKEL_API void UsdSkelCache::Clear ( )
USDSKEL_API bool UsdSkelCache::ComputeSkelBinding ( const UsdSkelRoot skelRoot,
const UsdSkelSkeleton skel,
UsdSkelBinding binding 
) const

Compute the bindings corresponding to a single skeleton, bound beneath skelRoot.

USDSKEL_API bool UsdSkelCache::ComputeSkelBindings ( const UsdSkelRoot skelRoot,
std::vector< UsdSkelBinding > *  bindings 
) const

Compute the set of skeleton bindings beneath skelRoot.

USDSKEL_API UsdSkelAnimQuery UsdSkelCache::GetAnimQuery ( const UsdSkelAnimation anim) const

Get an anim query corresponding to anim. This does not require Populate() to be called on the cache.

USDSKEL_API UsdSkelAnimQuery UsdSkelCache::GetAnimQuery ( const UsdPrim prim) const

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

USDSKEL_API UsdSkelSkeletonQuery UsdSkelCache::GetSkelQuery ( const UsdSkelSkeleton skel) const

Get a skel query for computing properties of skel. This does not require Populate() to be called on the cache.

USDSKEL_API UsdSkelSkinningQuery UsdSkelCache::GetSkinningQuery ( const UsdPrim prim) const

Get a skinning query at prim. Skinning queries are defined at any skinnable prims (I.e., boundable prims with fully defined joint influences).

The caller must first Populate() the cache with the skel root containing prim in order for any skinning queries to be discoverabble.

USDSKEL_API bool UsdSkelCache::Populate ( const UsdSkelRoot root)

Populate the cache for the skeletal data beneath prim root.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class UsdSkelAnimQuery

Definition at line 110 of file cache.h.

friend class UsdSkelSkeletonQuery

Definition at line 111 of file cache.h.

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