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massProperties.h File Reference
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class  UsdPhysicsMassProperties


PXR_NAMESPACE_OPEN_SCOPE GfQuatf UsdPhysicsIndexedRotation (uint32_t axis, float s, float c)
uint32_t UsdPhysicsGetNextIndex3 (uint32_t i)
GfVec3f UsdPhysicsDiagonalize (const GfMatrix3f &m, GfQuatf &massFrame)

Function Documentation

GfVec3f UsdPhysicsDiagonalize ( const GfMatrix3f m,
GfQuatf massFrame 

Definition at line 52 of file massProperties.h.

uint32_t UsdPhysicsGetNextIndex3 ( uint32_t  i)

Definition at line 46 of file massProperties.h.

PXR_NAMESPACE_OPEN_SCOPE GfQuatf UsdPhysicsIndexedRotation ( uint32_t  axis,
float  s,
float  c 

Definition at line 39 of file massProperties.h.