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spec.h File Reference
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struct  UsdRenderSpec
struct  UsdRenderSpec::Product
 Specification of a product. See UsdRenderProduct. More...
struct  UsdRenderSpec::RenderVar
 Specification of a render variable (aka AOV). See UsdRenderVar. More...


USDRENDER_API UsdRenderSpec UsdRenderComputeSpec (UsdRenderSettings const &settings, UsdTimeCode time, std::vector< std::string > const &namespaces)

Function Documentation

USDRENDER_API UsdRenderSpec UsdRenderComputeSpec ( UsdRenderSettings const settings,
UsdTimeCode  time,
std::vector< std::string > const namespaces 

Computes the specification of the render settings. For each product, applies the aspectRatioConformPolicy and computes a final screenWindow and pixelAspectRatio.

Any other attributes encountered are returned in extraSettings. If a non-empty list of namespaces is provided, only attributes within those namespaces are returned. If an empty list of namespaces is provided, all custom (non-schema) attributes are returned. The same list of namespaces is used for finding extraSettings in all UsdRender prim types.