Houdini 19.5 Compositing

Blur or sharpen the image


Blur, Defocus, and Sharpen can use a matte to control the per-pixel effect amount (black is no blur/sharpen, white is maximum blur/sharpen).


The Transform COP and all compositing operators that have a transformation option let you add motion blur to the transformation.

To do this… Use this operator

Blur COP

Blur edges

Edge Blur COP

Simulate camera blur

Defocus COP

Simulate fast, uniform motion

Streak COP

Radial blur toward, away from, or around a point

Radial Blur COP

Motion blur

When animating transformations using the Transform COP or the compositing operators with a transformation option, you can add motion blur to the transformation with the Motion blur parameter on the Transform tab.

Sharpen features of an image

Sharpen COP

Increase the kernel size to sharpen larger features. The kernel size controls how many surrounding pixels to consider when the node calculates local contrast.

Use the Noise parameter to prevent the node from sharpening grain and other noise.




Camera effects


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