Houdini 19.5 Compositing

Create shapes and text

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Create simple shapes such as rectangles, polygons, circles, and triangles

  1. In the compositor network editor, create a Shape node.

  2. Use the parameters in the node’s parameter editor to choose the type of shape, number of points, radius, etc.

Create complex and free-form spline shapes

In the compositor network editor, create a Rotoshape node.

The online help for Rotoshape has extensive information on how to use it to create spline shapes.

Create text

  1. Use the Font operator to create an image containing text.

  2. Type the text to render into the Text field, or specify a Text file from which to get the text.

  3. Use the Text size to resize the text.

  4. Use the Color parameter on the Layout tab to set the color of the text.




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